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Results: 2009: 160 Sold | 2010: 205 Sold | 2011: 245 Sold | 2012: 316 Sold | 2013: 510 Sold | 2014: 608 Sold | 2015: 818 Sold


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Teamwork is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results. The Hughes Real Estate Group is a true team-oriented office and atmosphere. The Hughes Group has accomplished something rarely seen in the real estate industry- a completely cooperative and sharing team of experienced, innovative, skilled & very successful individuals combining their talents on a daily basis to consistently exceed, both team and individual industry performance and productivity standards. Joining this team is joining something special.

Technology - Innovation and Expertise

Along with being one of the most successful real estate teams in Idaho, Hughes Real Estate Group is on the forefront of the future of real estate. According to the NAR 2011 Buyer Profile, 88% of buyers use internet sites for home searches, and Hughes Real Estate Group has three of Idaho's most popular real estate websites:, and These three sites feature unique and innovative polygon and radius searches. Each of the sites also has integrated "walk score" and "area stats" modules which have been extremely popular features with the public.

Extraordinary Team Resources

On staff, the Hughes Group has a full-service marketing and technology team to help agents with all of their marketing and technology needs, and to relieve those pressures from their daily tasks. The marketing team includes designers, graphics experts, and writers that are there to help our agents expand their online presence by creating a brand for each of them and promoting this new image through internet, print & social media outlets. They are also there to help with graphics and making sure each agent has the perfect picture to accompany their online profiles.

The Hughes Group technology team creates new software capabilities along with constantly evolving site and CRM improvements. Rapid high-end web site development and deployment are the norm for this group of experienced tech guys. The tech team brings with it a comprehensive knowledge of search engine optimization and search engine marketing that is invaluable to this internet-focused real estate group.

Hughes Real Estate Group generates and brings in business for all of its team members, and, due to this, has consistently experienced very high individual and team production. Impressive results like these speak to the level of expertise and excellence that we strive to, and are some of the advantages of joining this leading real estate team. Whether looking at the possibility of making a move in career or location, the Hughes Real Estate Group is the place to look to further your career and to help it reach its full potential.

The Hughes Real Estate Group, building upon a ten year track record of success, has a rock solid reputation and foundation of innovation and industry leading performance. Proactively identifying industry trends and competitive positioning, The Hughes Team chose to be associated with Silvercreek Realty Group. Silvercreek Realty Group has set a new industry standard for innovative business concepts quickly becoming the "go to"brokerage for many area top producers.

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