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Bank Owned HomeThe first step to success with buying a home that is bank owned in Idaho is to partner with a Hughes Real Estate Group agent that has experience in dealing with these types of properties. There are steps that further complicate the already complex real estate transaction with bank owned homes and it's mandatory to have an agent working by your side. In fact, many lenders won't consider your offer without one. They'll take out the worry when it comes to contracts, paperwork, financing and more. Let the professionals do what they've been trained to do and watch the stress melt away.

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It's been popular to buy foreclosures and REO'S this last year amongst home buyers in Idaho, but the inventory of these types of homes has considerably shrunk. The great deals in Idaho real estate always go fast and if you want to take advantage of a steal, you must be prepared to move fast and make an offer. While being involved with a bank owned transaction, you'll find they can be a lengthy transaction, but with the savings it's well worth it. Your agent will have invaluable knowledge to help you be informed about the home and any necessary improvements to make it a wise investment.

Be aware as you move forward that sometimes these homes have been sitting vacant and have been susceptible to damage that comes along with a lack of maintenance. It never hurts to ask that the price include any needed home repairs, but often the lender will sell the home 'as-is' If the price of the home is offered below market value, the bank is less likely to include needed home repairs. It's wise to be prepared to make these fixes with your own money. Be sure the home is worth what you've paid, including future repairs and upgrades.

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