Bird Feeding in Boise!



Birds are an important part of our culture in the Treasure Valley. After our flocks of geese and seagulls, like most Northwestern cities, Boise is a gathering place for all kinds of birds. There are dozens of beautiful birds that flock to this region year after year—some of them even birds of prey! Whatever kind of bird you like, however, you are sure to get a show when coming to Idaho.

If you are just moving here and you want to bring some of these exotic birds to your home, here are a few suggestions for decorative bird feeders. However, if you get a bird feeder and you are having a hard time attracting them to your feeder, there are also some suggestions on how to make your feeder the most popular one in the neighborhood.

Reuse those old mason jars!

If you are like most people, you probably have a half a dozen mason jars just lying around your home somewhere. If this is the case all you need to do to make it into a birdfeeder is to go to the nearest farm supply store (which are quite prolific in Boise) and purchase a chick feeder. They are pretty inexpensive and can simply be attached to the lid of the mason jar. Now, all you need to do is fill the jar full of your desired seed, attach the chick feeder and hang it upside down in a tree. It is low cost and easy to make bird feeder that can take you one step closer to finding your favorite birds in your own yard!

Lego Master?

This tip is pretty straightforward, all you need to do is build a tray out of Legos and place it on a pole in your backyard for the seeds. However, if you want to go another step further, you can build a seed reserved that goes on top of the tray so that the feeder will act just like the mason jar idea. It is a fairly simple concept, but due to the universality of the Lego pieces, the creative possibilities are endless. So, if you enjoy building things yourself and want the feeder ASAP, you could build a Lego birdfeeder in only a few minutes.

What about a biodegradable birdfeeder?

This idea is not only clever, but aesthetic, and ‘green’. Essentially, all you need is a citrus fruit of some sort (oranges and grapefruit are the best due to their durable skin), some string, and your seeds. First you cut the fruit in half and remove all the fruit from the peel without tearing it—you will want your peels to look like two complete bowls when you are finished. Next, all you need to do is poke four holes—carefully—through the peel for the string. Then you simply tie it up in a tree, and fill it with your seeds and—there you have it—you have an environmentally friendly birdfeeder. (You get bonus points if you use some sort of biodegradable string).

When thinking about the birds, walk a mile in their shoes!

Another simple birdfeeder idea is to simply take an old shoe and nail it to a tree and fill it with seeds. If you are worried about your neighborhoods getting angry, you can always put it in the backyard. However, if you want to be more artistic with it, why not get a pair of wooden Dutch shoes to hang from your tree. With some simple waterproofing, those old clogs will sure to be a hit. So dance on down to your local vintage store and have a look at what kind of shoes you can find (if you don’t have your own).

Maybe the birds just want to stop in for tea?

While you are down at the vintage or thrift shop, check out their old kitchen wear. There may be an old classic tea pot or tea cups that you can scavenge and use. These can easily be used as birdfeeders just like the shoe by attaching them to a tree or fence. Attaching them may be a bit more difficult do to the materials that they are made of.

When you feed the birds, you are providing them their daily bread.

This is probably the simplest and most inexpensive way to create a birdfeeder, but it is the messiest. All you need is a piece of toast, some peanut butter, and your desired seeds. First you need to put your seeds into a bowl, then you just spread the peanut butter on both sides of the toast and dip the bread in the seeds to adhere the seeds to it. After that you can just hang it from a branch and let the birds have at it. (This is a great way to get rid of bread that is a little past gone—however, do not give it to the birds of it is moldy).

How to attract the birds?

If you have a feeder in a good location, and the right kind of seed, and birds are still not coming, then there are a few simple things you can do to draw them in. The easiest way is to sprinkle bird seed in your law so they will come eat from the lawn and then make their way to the feeder. If they still aren’t getting close enough, try and bring the feeder to where they are comfortable, they may just be shy due to the location of the feeder in proximity to humans or other threats.

If you want more ideas for DIY birdfeeders, go down to your local craft or pet food store for some inspiration. There are a thousand different ways to put seed out for your birds, so don’t give up if one doesn’t seem to be working. Also, remember to respect the birds, do not do anything to harm them, or put them in harm’s way. If you have a pet that might hurt the birds, put the feeder out of their reach.

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