Granite, Hardwood, and Stainless Steel—Make Your Kitchen Nearly Indestructible


It is not that hard to believe that humans are messy and accident prone which can put quite a bit of stress a home. Over the course of its lifetime, a home will go through a lot, especially the kitchen. However, builders in Boise and the surrounding area have been building more and more homes with more resilient kitchens so they can last longer and be more and more reliable.

These ‘human proofed’ kitchens are probably not foreign to you, you’ve mostly likely seen them—appreciating their strength. However, to understand, and fully appreciate their strength, we need to examine what kind of materials they are made of, namely granite, hardwood, and stainless steel. These materials are not only great at protecting and preserving the functionality of your kitchen, they also look great too.

Hardwood Floors:

Everyday life can deal some massive damage to a floor, so why not do something to protect it with the resilient strength of hardwood. Due to its strength and aesthetic features, many people have long wanted hardwood to be put into their own kitchens, but there are also other benefits to having wooden floors. Benefits that you may not have expected.

When it comes to the financial benefits, you will be surprised at how much hardwood floors can do for you. The biggest financial benefit would have to be its long lifespan. Unlike its tile and linoleum counterparts, hardwood floors will not need to be replaced within a few years of it being installed—in fact, it is rumored that a quality hardwood floor can, when properly taken care of, outlive its owner. It is estimated that they can last up to a hundred years, so, instead of costing you an arm and a leg every ten years, hardwood floors can actually save you money.

Finances aside, hardwood also has great biological benefits as well, keeping you and your guests healthy for years to come. This is because hardwood does not allow pathogens or other such things to live in its nooks and crannies. Carpet, on the other hand, is notorious for doing the exact opposite. Carpet has many gaps within the fibers that can be the perfect place for germs and pathogens to live.

Another benefit to having hardwood floors is that it has a smaller impact on the environment. Since it is a reusable resource, hardwood can be constructed easier, not to mention that the process of creating hardwood is significantly less damaging to than that of carpet. Hardwood can also be easily recycled when it is replaced. All things considered, hardwood is a great asset for your home. It is an all-around strong, beautiful, and environmentally friendly flooring material. It is also great for when the time comes to sell your home. Many realtors have commented that many of their clients ask for hardwood over other alternatives. So, if you are building your home, consider using hardwood, it will most likely be an option with your builder, and if you are looking to replace your current floor with hardwood, there are plenty of companies in the Treasure Valley that do just that.

Granite Countertops:

With almost as many varieties as flooring, countertop materials can be a difficult decision when it comes to building or remodeling. The usual materials that you have to choose from are linoleum, tile, and granite. It is important to choose a type of countertop that can take a beating, because the counter top is the one part of the kitchen that takes a good beating, other than the floor. Because of the inevitable wearing down of your countertops, many people have chosen to install granite counter tops into their homes.

Due to the immense pressure and heat that granite undergoes when it is formed in the earth, it is a very hard and very durable which makes it one of the strongest building materials. That strength is precisely why many people like it in their homes. Granite is so strong that it can take a real beating, unless it is struck very hard it will not chip or break. Thanks to its strength, and the heat it endured during its creation, granite can also handle hot pans and pots without sustaining damage. (Note: Even though it can withstand most normal kitchen temperatures, granite can still crack if subjected to too much heat).

Just like hardwood floors, granite countertops can be great for your health. This can be for several reasons, mainly because there are fewer places for germs to occupy, but it also has to do with the fact that it is stone which is an unforgiving place to live for organic matter. So, the next time you work with raw meat you can easily clean it with some dish soap or bleach and not have to worry about any lingering germs in the crevasses.

Stainless Steel Appliances:

Lastly on our human proofing list are stainless steel appliances. Much like granite and hardwood, stainless steel can also have a great effect on the longevity and vitality of your kitchen. As with granite, stainless steel is germ free and, due to their sturdy construction, can outlast even the best of comparable alternatives. Stainless steel is going down in price at the moment due to their popularity, so it’s a great time to get your house outfitted with these metal wonders.

These three materials have great benefits to every kitchen—they can help it last longer, look fantastic, and be more sellable in the future. So, if you are considering a remodel or are building a new house in Idaho, consider implementing one of these great materials, and make your kitchen human proofed.

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