Remodel Your Idea of a Remodel



Everyone has dreamed of remodeling their home in some way or another. There are always places around the home that could use some fixing or upgrading, so the thought of a remodel usually gets people excited. However, after only minimal research into the price of a remodel, the ugly truth steps in: remodels cost a lot. The great thing, though, is that in order to spruce up your home, you may not need to rip out a floor and install all new cabinets. There are many projects that can be done in a few weeks for a lot less than an entire renovation with equally compelling results. We’ve compiled a list of some of these projects; some that take only a weekend, and some a little more than that.

Redo Your lighting

Whether it is replacing your existing lights, or adding new ones, the change in lighting can dramatically benefit your entire home. It doesn’t take much—a new lamp in the corner, a different fixture, or a new fixture altogether, can do fantastic things for a rooms ambiance. However, for an even more inexpensive idea, you may just consider replacing your light bulbs. Getting Fluorescent bulbs, or equally as radiant bulbs, can make you home look brighter and feel more alive. There has been a lot of research over the past few years that suggests that Fluorescent bulbs simulate natural sunlight which can affect your mood and productivity.

Switch Out Your Switch Plates and Vent Covers

Your switch, outlet and vent covers may not be the first thing you think of when you consider a remodel, but to be completely honest, they can do much for the image of your home. Attention to the minute details is always important when you want to give your home a facelift. If you take a few minutes one weekend to replace your older switch plates and vent covers with newer, cleaner ones, your home will feel so much better. If you don’t have the funds for replacement plates and covers, you can always take them off, clean them up and spray paint them so they at least look different.

Update a Closet

This idea may not seem glamorous or fun at all, but it can actually do much for the functionality of your home. You can do many things with a closet, you can use it for storage, hanging coats, and much more. But, there are also plenty of out-of-the-box ideas for closets of all sizes that you may not have thought of. For instance, a walk in closet can be revamped to be nap pod, or a private movie viewing room. A typical closet can be changed to be a place for a day bed, a book nook, or a window seat (minus the window). Revamp Your Fireplace

The fireplace, hearth and mantle of a home are vital parts when it comes to image and ambiance. Over the weekend you may consider cleaning up the bricks or wood that surrounds the fireplace, or simply redecorating it. You could also repaint the hearth and mantle, assuming your hearth and mantle can be painted. If you want a more dramatic change, however, you can also hire someone to add on to the fireplace or change it completely; though, this would cost a lot more than simply cleaning or redecorating it.

Ramps and Handrails

If your home is raised up on its foundation, it may be that your front and back doors have steps beneath them for you to get in and out. This is completely fine, but if you want to make your home more accessible, you could spend a little time building ramps in and out of your home and or handrails where convenient (or having them built/installed). Ramps are pretty basic, and can usually be made out of wood or concrete for pretty low prices. You will need, however, to make sure to follow all necessary safety protocols if you decide to build them yourself. You will also want to check with your neighborhoods CC&Rs before you have them installed or built.

Replace Your Curtains and Curtain Rods

Another quick and easy project, fixing up your curtains, can not only give your home a better feeling and ambiance, but also take a chunk out of your energy bill. Curtains and curtain rods are just like the switch and outlet plates, they are a simple detail that will greatly affect the look of a room. Not to mention, if you invest in weather curtains, you can block out more cold in the winter and trap more cold air in the summer. This is because weather curtains are made of heavier material which makes it harder for cold air do to seep into or out of a room, acting much like a coat.

Add or Upgrade Your Kitchen Backsplash

Usually a pretty simple project, the replacing of a backsplash will greatly enhance the look of your kitchen. It will bring new color and design into the room and give it a distinctly different atmosphere. There are some types of backsplashes that can just be stuck on to the wall; while there are others that need to be affixed piece by piece. The latter option may seem arduous, but it can be a great project if you are looking for a fairly inexpensive project for the next few days or weeks.

Add Shelves

Another thing you may consider doing in your home is adding a shelf or two around the house. These can be picked up at nearly every department store and can even be designed and built by hand. Shelves don’t just offer your home more storage, but also allows you to add some decorations that would otherwise not be able to be there. For instance, the addition of a shelf with a handful of antique looking books will make a room feel homey and sophisticated, and a shelf of flowers can give the room an awake and alive feeling that it otherwise may not have had. These are only a small fraction of the great ideas there are out there for home renovations. If you are looking for an inexpensive way to ‘remodel’ your home, think small and you’ll be surprised what you can do with only a few bucks and a weekend or two.

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