Ride Idaho: Volunteering and Giving Back


Ride Idaho is an incredible annual event. It’s a seven-day bike tour across Idaho, and features incredible scenic views, a glimpse into the history and discovery of Idaho, and a challenging and fun bike ride with hundreds of other bikers. It’s become a hugely popular event that kicks off from one of the most beautiful cities in Northern Idaho, Coeur d’Alene. This year, the tour kicks off with a beautiful three-hour lake cruise the length of Lake Coeur d’Alene. After breakfast on the lake, riders will meet their bikes on the shore, and the ride kicks off in earnest.

As much as Ride Idaho is about exploring the beauty of Idaho on two wheels, it’s also about giving back to the communities of Idaho, and championing an active lifestyle. It also seeks to raise awareness for bike riding and safety. As such, Ride Idaho is a member of organizations like the League of American Bicyclists, the Idaho Pedestrian and Bicycle Alliance, and the Bicycle Tour Network. It’s a great event that brings riders back year after year, and Ride Idaho strives to change the tour loop each year, to keep the ride fun, interesting, and fresh.

Volunteering for Ride Idaho

Of course, the Ride Idaho tour wouldn’t work with the help of local communities, organizations, and a whole lot of volunteers. Volunteering is no walk in the park, but it’s an incredibly rewarding experience, and the volunteers are able to enjoy the scenery, and community, of Idaho and cycling enthusiasts.

Volunteering may be a lot of hard work, but for their dedication and time over the week of Ride Idaho, they are rewarded for their good deeds. Ride Idaho supplies a lot of fun schwag in order to remember the event. Amazing meals are provided, as are entertainment, camping, and the incredible scenery of Northern Idaho.

Opportunities for volunteers are varied, and included helping before, during, and after the Ride Idaho tour.

· Before the ride kicks off, volunteers will help with inventory, preparing rider packets and information, packing and loading supplies, as while as preparing supplies to be stored.

· During the ride, volunteers will make up the rest stop teams, where they will provide beverages and other services to the riders. They will help resupply as required. There are also drivers that follow the route, offering assistance to the riders as necessary. And of course, volunteers will also mark the route.

· Volunteers will also set up and break down the campsites. They will also play host, as well as running the rider services booth.

· When the ride is over, volunteers will be performing very similar tasks as before the ride. Except they will be packing up and breaking down the route.

If volunteering sounds like a wonderful opportunity, be sure to check out the volunteer section of Ride Idaho’s website. The volunteer registration form is present there as well. It will be a lot of hard work, and the volunteers work between eight and twelve hours a day, but it’s an incredibly rewarding experience.

Ride Idaho Gives Back

Ride Idaho is unique, in that they include local communities and organizations. The tour helps local economies, because Ride Idaho uses these communities for campsites, entertainment, and food. They actually hire local organizations (like restaurants or campgrounds) to provide for the Ride Idaho bike riders and volunteers. It’s a wonderful program, and it goes a long way in bringing Idahoans together.

Ride Idaho also helps support organizations financially, when able. They have donated equipment to first-responders, to local athletic teams, as well as donating musical instruments, and helping making parks better. Plus, Ride Idaho also provides bikes and safety equipment to the Boys and Girls Club, to help promote an active and safe lifestyle in today’s youth.

Encouraging a Lifestyle

This tour isn’t just a great opportunity to enjoy the beauty of Idaho. It’s also a great opportunity to meet other people, and give back to local communities and really make a difference. It’s the Idaho way, to get outside, be active, help each other’s neighbors, and to just enjoy the incredible beauty and scenery that Idaho has.

Living in Idaho is all about the lifestyle that comes with the great outdoors, and the many opportunities for recreation that Idaho has to offer. And Ride Idaho makes sure that anyone can enjoy Idaho, by creating a unique tour that gives back, and encourages everyone to stay active, and enjoy Idaho the best that they can.

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