Treefort Music Fest: Beyond the Music


The Boise music scene has been heating up, and the Treefort Music Fest is an extension of that. It not only hosts the larger, national music scene, but also the more intimate local music scene. It creates a place for local talent to rise, as the music festival allows emerging artists to share their talent alongside national talent. As the Treefort Music Fest grows, it allows emerging talent to brush shoulders with established talent, and it’s becoming a relevant stop for bigger bands, and putting Boise on the musical map.

But the Treefort Music Fest isn’t just all about music. It’s a platform, and a stage, for other art forms, and it’s become a place for expression. Treefort has a long legacy of being a frontier for the arts. And it’s not looking at slowing down. Apart from the music, festival attendees will be exposed to a variety of arts and movements, and it makes marking future festival dates down on your calendar a necessity. This is one Idaho even that you’ll want to make time for.

Treefort Film Fest

Just as the musical festival showcases emerging artists, the Treefort Film Fest showcases the best of emerging independent films in Boise. This is a great opportunity to not only watch some of the best independent films, but to learn more about them. There will be question and answer sessions with the filmmakers, as well as workshops. Plus, Treefort is working with the founder of the Eastern Oregon Film Festival in order to expand the Treefort Film Fest. Now, the film festival shows in two theaters over the span of five days.


This is an interesting event that combines the creative arts with technology. It brings together developers, tech talent, and creatives to work together in innovation and toward making a better Boise. There are, over the course of three days, TED-style talks, as well as varying panels, and workshops. Hackfort is all about the exploration of the convergence of technology with the creative arts and culture.


This event takes yoga to a completely different plane of existence. There are seven to eight yoga classes or dance classes. They are taught be certified instructors. What makes Yogafort unique is that the yoga and dance classes are taught with live music. No boom boxes here.


This year was Comedyfort’s first. For a great laugh, it’s worth checking out. Comedyfort features talent from Liquid Lounge, Boise’s premiere comedy venue. This event goes on all five days of the music festival.


This is a great event for you to enjoy live readings from poets, fiction writers, and storytellers. So sit tight, and listen to the words of writers. You’ll also be able to check out small presses and other publications while at Storyfort.


In it’s fourth year, Alefort boasts it’s “not a glorified beer garden.” And serving beers from local breweries, it’s right. Alefort features everything craft beer, from specialty brews to the mainstays.

Performance Art

In the nature of performance art, this event takes place in different locations. It’s open to the public, and free to enjoy. Catch a glimpse of live performance art in Boise.


At the Rhodes Skate Park, Skatefort combines skateboarding and music. It’s close to the Main Stage of the Treefort Music Fest. Skatefort showcases the local skate community, and works to raise awareness.


This event was new this year. There are different locations, all across the festival. Kidfort is aimed to provide children with creative classes and performances, geared directly toward them.

A Celebration of the Arts

As you can see, the Treefort Music Fest has evolved and grown beyond just music. Instead, it embraces the creative culture of Idaho and Boise and it celebrates it in a wholly unique way. Idaho isn’t just about heading outside and enjoying the majesty of nature. Idaho also embraces the creative arts, and those that practice and perform them.

This state is a cultural and creative center, and it’s one that Idahoans should be proud of. This state is full of creative and passionate people, and the Treefort Music Fest celebrates them, while giving them a place to shine and share what they love. Enjoy the talent of Idaho’s artists, or show your own talent. Either way, you’ll want to make time for the Treefort Music Fest.

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