5 Top Tips for Your New Home Landscaping

If you have purchased a new home, you may be thrilled at the way the house turned out. You might also stand out front and realize that even though the house is everything you wanted it to be, there's still something missing...landscaping. Landscaping adds curb-appeal and value to your new Boise home. You want it to accentuate your house and fit into the yard. Here are five tips you can get for new home landscaping.

1. Research

Before you start tearing up grass and sticking plants into the ground, read some books on landscape design. Take a look at magazines that feature landscaping and get a feel for the plants you like and those you do not. Visit your local botanical garden and ask questions. If you plan to hire a landscape designer, you will still want to have an idea of what you like and what you do not like. If you plan to do the job yourself, your research is even more important.

2. Create a drawing

If you were going to remodel your kitchen, you would want to draw out the new way things would lay within the room. The same should be true for your landscaping. You planned your new home carefully, so you should plan your yard in the same manner. Take a look at the amount of space you have available to you and remember how much sunlight each area gets. Draw the design out on paper and write in the plants you would like to place in the various areas.

3. Improve the soil

When a new home is being built, the top soil in the yard might be removed, leaving hard subsoil as the base for your new landscaping. Even if the soil is decent, it is probably compacted from all of the vehicles that have crossed over it during your home's construction. Spend some time and money creating a better soil base for your landscaping. It will be worth it in the long run because your plants will more likely thrive if they have the soil they need.

4. Look for balance 

You will want a sense of unity in your design that include groups of plants that are visually interesting. Use the same plants repeatedly throughout the landscape to give it an organized, planned feeling. Stick to a small number of plant groupings and repeat that grouping in a consistent manner across the landscaping.

5. Gather healthy plants from a reputable provider

Buy your landscaping plants from a nursery in the area that has healthy plants that do well in new places. You can buy just a few that will spread out rather than packing in too many expensive plants.

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