7 pieces of furniture to consider


Furniture is an expression of your inner self, a way to let your personality shine through to others. Well, if you have wanted to do more with your home, then you have come to the right place. We here at the Hughes Group know all about homes, how to sell them, how to buy them, and how to make them your own. So, check out this list of 7 awesome pieces of furniture.

1) Table for 2… or 10?

You may have seen, or maybe even owned an expandable table. You know, those tables that come with extra pieces so you can make it bigger for when company comes calling. However, you probably haven’t come across these new expandable round tables before. Usually, if a round table is going to expand it quick goes from a perfect circle to an oval of sorts. However, these new expandable round tables don’t lose their shape and stay round. But their cool features don’t just stop there. You see, instead of having to store leaves to put into place when you need to make the table bigger, all you need to do is undo a few latches and rotate the top a certain direction. When you do this the tabletop breaks into pieces, these pieces move apart and the new pieces raise up from underneath and then snap in place. It happens in only a few seconds with minimal effort on the part of the operator. It is simple and easy making it perfect for someone who wants the functionality of an expandable table but doesn’t like putting it all together.

2) Is it a coffee table or something else?

Coffee tables have many alternative functions, but have you ever thought about it being used as a desk? There are coffee tables out there that double as desks and we don’t mean they have enough space to write on because we all know they are too low to the ground for that. No, we are talking about a coffee table that makes it easy for you to work on your couch as if it were a desk. It works like this: with a simple lift of the table top a hydraulic system engages and helps raise it up to about waist level and then it slides toward the couch so that it rests at the perfect height and distance to be a functional desktop. These are great for people who like the comfort of a couch and the functionality of a desk.

3) A lion a witch or a wardrobe?

While a portal to Narnia would be the ideal reason to get a wardrobe for your home, the fact that it looks awesome and gives a room an antique flare helps too. Wardrobes are not commonly found in American homes since we have started building closest within the walls. However, if you really want to add some antique beauty to your interior decorating, then a wardrobe is a great choice. You can use it as both a traditional storage space for clothes and other things while it doubles as a centerpiece. You can find wardrobes at antique stores and sometimes at thrift stores. You may be able to have a new one custom made but it will likely be very expensive.

4) Traditional couches are overrated

Have you ever heard of a couch pit? Well, in short, it is a circular couch where guests can face each other instead of a fireplace or a TV. Sometimes these are recessed into the ground which is where they can be referred to as ‘couch pits’. They are a great new way to enjoy the living space in your home and is an awesome way to entertain. Your guests will have the best time interacting with one another as the focus won’t be on the TV but on each other. If you don’t want a recessed couch, you can choose from a number of circular couches that come in pieces to make arranging them easier. And, if you still want a TV in the house, with a circular couch there will always be seats that can see it.

5) Beanbags anyone?

A beanbag nest would probably be the cousin to the couch pit. It is, in essence, a nest of beanbags. They can be made in several different ways, but the consistent factor would have to be plenty of beanbags. All you need to do is create some sort of a containment area so the beanbags don’t move away. You can build one with tall walls out of wood, metal, PVC piping, or anything really, or you can make a short wall version if you are low on resources or time. After you have the parameter set, you can start piling on the beanbags. Put as many as you can inside the corral you made and then is ready to enjoy. You can lie there amongst the beanbags, cushioned and comfortable, in any way that suits your fancy.

6) Hang loose in a hammock

Now, hammocks are not that uncommon thing to find on the patios of most American homes, but a hammock inside the home, now that is a different a different story. Nowadays you can use hammocks in all sorts of places in your home. You can use them in place of a bed or a couch, or you can just set them up to enjoyed at the leisure of you and your guests. They can be tricky to set up and a bit dangerous to use unless you know what you are doing. So, be sure to follow all the instructions and safety protocols that come with your hammock.

7) Stay warm with a coffee table

Lastly, there is the Kotatsu. Kotetsu's are a Japanese coffee table that doubles as a foot and leg warmer— not like the clothing item, more like a heater. You see, in Japan, most people don’t have western style couches like ours and when they do have them they normally don’t have more than one. This means that people are more than likely going to have to sit on the floor when they come to visit. Because of this, most people would find themselves with their legs beneath the coffee table while they worked or ate off it. In the colder months, however, this normal coffee table can be used to heat those freezing legs and feet of yours with the heater that hangs underneath the table top.

Your home needs to be a place that matches your personality, so when you buy a new home, consider some of these interesting pieces of furniture— maybe one of them will work for you! If you want to learn more about what potential your home has, call us at the Hughes Real Estate Group. Our team of dedicated real estate agents will be happy to help you in any way they can.

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