Achieving Curb Appeal

First impressions can mean everything, and the way homes for sale in Idaho look on the outside is as important as how they look on the inside. Updating a home's curb appeal can make a big difference in its memorability. Some exterior changes can be costly, however, there are also inexpensive things that can be done to the outside of a home to make it more appealing and inviting.

Getting Started

A good place to start is to make sure that the exterior of a home does not feel cluttered. Eliminating lawn ornaments and other decorations can make a home feel more welcoming and less chaotic. Making sure that landscaping is maintained is another thing that is simple to do and does not take a lot of money. Mown grass and living plants immediately indicate a home that is well loved and taken care of. Raking up leaves in the fall, planting seasonal flowers throughout the year, and keeping walkways clear and in good condition are also things that can be done to increase curb appeal without spending much.

Maintain Siding

Changing a home's siding is an expensive undertaking, and probably not necessary. As long as it is taken care of, a fresh coat of paint or a good cleaning may be all it needs. Homes for sale in Idaho are made of many different materials, and depending on the exterior the maintenance changes. Log homes and homes with real wood siding need regular staining and painting in order to retain a fresh appearance. Repainting or staining a home also helps maintain the integrity of the siding while preventing weather related wear and tear. Homes with vinyl siding should be regularly cleaned with a soft bristle brush and a mild cleaner approved by the manufacturer. This simple step will help keep vinyl siding looking brand new. Brick and stucco are both easily cleaned with a garden hose. Usually this is the extent of what needs to be done in the maintenance department, however, both of these types of siding do need to be regularly inspected for cracks, and promptly repaired if damage is found.

Remember Your Roof

Roofing is something that should also be taken into consideration. Whether looking to compete with other homes for sale in Idaho, or just to improve curb appeal, roofing can make quite an impact. There are three common materials used on the roofs of homes for sale in Idaho. Metal is common and does not require much in the way of maintenance, however, it is also one of the least visually appealing options. Wood shingles look nice, however, they do require extra care and are less cost effective over all. The most attractive and inexpensive option is to go with an asphalt shingle. These shingles come in a wide variety of colors, are easily maintained, and work well with Idaho's varying climate.

Changing the impact of a home's exterior can be as simple as spending a day outside pulling a few weeds, planting some seasonal flowers, and washing away dirt. Curb appeal is important, but it does not have to be costly or stressful; just remember to simplify the overall look of the home by removing clutter, and increase appeal through regular maintenance. If you're looking at homes for sale in Idaho, or looking to sell your home, contact one of our agents today!

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