Adding Pizazz To Your New Construction Home

For the new homeowner buying a new home you can add real pizazz to your home when you pick all of the interior finishing. Of course, the definition of pizazz varies from person to person.

What Makes your Home Scream Look at Me!?!?!?

Is it the kitchen that moves you? Or a luxurious bathroom? Do you want some space for a hobby? What about a garden? As you go through the process of selecting a new home and designing into it the elements that will fill out your dreams, make certain that you are getting what you really want.  Before you do anything, sit down and list out what you want from a home. If you need an unfinished basement for a hobby or a wood shop, make certain that is in the design you select. If a garden is the key, make certain the lot has an open, sun-filled and flat spot for you to work.

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

In any home buying process, after you have selected the model and the lot, you will come to the point where you select the interior. This is where you can really add pizazz, and a plan for what you want to upgrade will help you get exactly what you want and yet stay within a budget.  Money spent on the kitchen will repay itself in enjoyment over several years. Consider granite counters and upgraded cabinets for an elegant look. Stainless appliances with large refrigerator storage are a good idea and a self-cleaning oven will make your life much easier. This is the best chance for you to get all of your kitchen really upgraded at once and not bust your household budget - so take advantage of the opportunity.  Floors can also be a place to spend some money on upgrades. Ceramic instead of vinyl in the bathrooms and kitchen, and upgraded carpet or padding where you want carpet will not only look and feel better, but can be easier to maintain.

Beauty in your Eyes as the Beholder

It is a time to carefully evaluate what is important. Some builders offer an attached deck, but it may be possible to have a deck builder do the work for less. The same may be true for exotic wood floors. Search around a bit to find the combination that best suits you and your budget.

Overall, adding "pizazz" to you home really means adding those things that will make your life easier and more comfortable. "Build" a home that fits the way that you live and you will be pleased with your choices for decades to come.

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