Aquariums: A Great Addition to Your Home

There are many options out there when thinking about getting a pet to help liven up a home, however, a lot of these options come with added mess and at large expense. If you are looking for a pet that is inexpensive, fun, and does not require a lot of extra work and cleanup, it may be that the right thing for you is to consider an aquarium. Supplies to create the perfect home for your fish can be found everywhere from pet stores, to specialty shops, to your local hobby shops.

An Overview of Fish

There are a lot of reasons to choose fish to brighten up a home. To begin with, there are countless varieties of species that can live in tanks. Fish that require less oxygen in their water, such as beta fish and goldfish, can survive in small bowls or more inventive containers. Saltwater fish can be brought into the home with the installation of special tanks, although these are the most expensive fish and habitats, they are also some of the easiest to maintain. Most saltwater aquariums are fairly self-sufficient and do not require quite as much cleaning and supervision as freshwater tanks. If you are wanting a larger aquarium, but do not want to spend a lot of money on the fish that will live in it, consider a standard, freshwater aquarium.

Creating an Aquarium

When it comes to finding a home for your fish, there are many possibilities. Specialty stores a good place to look for larger aquariums, and local hobby shops have a variety of vases and other containers that can be made into interesting homes. You can also check local hobby shops for unique rocks and other decorations to go in your tank. Just be sure that if you decide to purchase tank accessories from one of these places that you boil them before introducing them into the fish's environment. This step will help ensure that none of the germs and other particulate matter from your local hobby shops contaminates your fish's new home.

General Benefits

Fish are a great addition to a home. They can be used to engage guests or to create a relaxing atmosphere. There is not a specific room that an aquarium belongs in, and so be creative when choosing where to put one. They work well in bedrooms, kitchens, and even bathrooms. They can also be used as creative dividers between spaces without a natural division. For example, a fish tank can be used to create a clear line between a dining room and a living space without blocking the flow of light, or completely cutting off the feeling of unity between the two rooms.

Health Benefits

Recently there have been studies done on the health benefits of having a pet. These studies have primarily been done on traditional housepets, however, there have also been researchers out of Purdue examining the effects that fish have on Alzheimer's patients. They found that fish reduced blood pressure as well as anxiety, and that after prolonged exposure to the aquariums the patients were more likely to eat while also experiencing decreased instances of wandering, pacing, yelling, and aggressive behavior.

Adding fish to a home can be done without a great deal of expense or work, and once they become a part of a home, they add color and visual interest. So, why not give an aquarium a try? If you are looking for a new home to showcase a new aquarium, give one of our agents a call, or try one of our searches today!

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