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Boise, Idaho is a unique city that is the capital city of quite an interesting state. When people consider moving to Boise, they often wonder what there is to do, what places are nearby, and how large the “greater Boise area” really extends. Well, for starters, there are several cities nearby with plenty of interesting draws, and most of the neighboring areas can be reached in under an hour. Meridian, Eagle, Nampa, Caldwell, Kuna, Garden City- all of these cities can be considered part of the Boise area.

Meridian borders Boise directly to the west. This city covers almost 30 square miles and the center rests only 12 miles from the capital city. There are many things to do, especially in the summertime. From enjoying the beautifully cared for




When living in a place with many people, such as a neighborhood or apartment complex, the question always sounds- who is going to take care of the lawn care, sidewalk maintenance, pool, gym, and other such amenities? The answer is often an easy one- the homeowner’s association. Though occasionally they get a bad reputation, HOAs are actually quite helpful for many reasons. Plus, there are often ways to make sure that your homeowner’s association is doing the best it can for your neighborhood.

The homeowner’s association’s job it to keep property and neighborhood values high by enforcing the neighborhood bylaws. A bylaw is a rule or ordinance created and agreed about by a board or committee that must be followed by everyone in the group. In



The housing market is an interesting thing, and although it can be fickle, there will always be people buying and selling houses so it will continue moving and changing throughout the years. What does change substantially through the ups and downs is price, and a lot of that has to do with factors such as where the house is at (near a landmark, shopping centers, etc.), what the market is like in that state, what does the city/state have to offer in terms of jobs and education, how old is the house, etc. Some cities are more desirable to live in than others, and some states have cheaper home sales. Why is that? Well, it depends a lot on the above factors, but also on a number of other things. There are pros and cons to living anywhere, so why is



Credit is a very important part of the real estate world, and with so many people still trying to rebuild their credit it is no wonder why many people are asking the question: “Can I buy a home with poor credit?” It is a bit of a polarized issue thanks to the many different rules, regulations, and players that are involved in the mortgage game. So, unfortunately, we can’t give you a solid yes or no on the subject. We can, however, tell you what we know and feel about the general atmosphere of home loans in the Boise area. Nothing we say here should be taken as a guarantee as the real choice comes down to your lender. So, today, we are going to go through the basics of the credit score, why it is such a vital part of the home buying process, and



Should I buy a home with a swimming pool? It is a question that many potential homebuyers pose as they start their home search; and the answer is: it depends. Sorry, if you were hoping for a quick answer, but really, there are a lot of things to consider, not least of all your own financial position. Many people want to buy a home with a swimming pool— it is a home feature that has enamored thousands over the last few decades— and builders in the Treasure Valley are definitely taking notice. More and more homes are being built in the Treasure Valley with pools and they seem to sell much faster than a lot of the other houses on the market.

However, have you ever stopped to consider what it really means to buy a home with a swimming pool? What it



Working on a project or two around your house can be a really fun experience, especially if you have been saving up for it. However, before starting on a new project, you should first find out exactly how much it will cost and weigh its benefits and costs. A lot of people tend to want to fix up something new in their home, like an extra room or a fixture that adds a little extra personality to their house, but many people fail to think of the practicality and cost of such renovations. While there are many renovations worth doing, there are many other that just aren’t worth the money you have to spend to create them.

Creating Something out of Your Attic

Fixing up a rickety old attic seems like an exciting idea. There are so many


With housing topics comes tons of lingo that may be confusing to people not familiar with the industry. Phrases such as “adjusted sales rate,” “annual percentage rate,” “closing costs,” “single-family units,” and “multi-family units” can be overwhelming to know. So, let’s focus on the last two (and most specifically on that last one). Many people have heard of single-family units but get thrown off when hearing of multi-family units; hearing these two phrases can cause people to wonder what the differences are. The following is a list of the differences and definitions of both:

Single-Family Unit

These housing units are also called single-detached dwellings, single-family residences, or single-family detached homes. They are defined as being a



If you are planning on buying a home, or have recently bought a home, then you need to make sure you know all about homeowner associations. Homeowner associations, or HOAs, are in just about every city and neighborhood in the county effecting almost every homeowner. However, even though they are very common, how active and involved they are will depend on the neighborhood. So, once you have learned what they are and what they can do, it is best to do research into the HOA where you plan to build and or live so you know what you will be getting into. Today we want to explain a little about what an HOA is, what they do, and how they can be a benefit to a homeowner. We won’t get into HOA horror stories, but rather how they can do good. That being



When looking for a home, it’s a high possibility that a few foreclosures may creep into the pile of “maybes”. Though there are a few ways to acquire a foreclosed home, the most commonly seen way is through auction. While auctions may sound fun and may seem to be the best way to get a bargain, there are several things to consider. The property is likely not going to be open for viewing, so the exact status of the inside of the home can be a bit iffy, plus there can be fees and other things begging for money that may come as a shock.

Prior to deciding whether an auction is the best way to buy a home, and to better understand how auctions work, attend a few auctions. This will help- not only because it is a preview of the types of homes available




Idaho is one of the most beautiful states to live in or visit. While other areas of the world and even just the United States have their perks, Idaho is unique in its varying landscapes and ability to produce different weather every season. Fall, winter, spring, summer- every season has its own changes and each season has many different activities to look forward to. Likewise, different areas of Idaho offer different types of terrain and that lends itself to many chances to explore and enjoy the beautiful variety that the state has to offer.

Though Idaho can have beautiful days in every season, parts of Idaho are prone to erratic weather- especially close to each season change. Some days, Idahoans can be heard joking about experiencing the