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Going out to eat is a great way to relax and enjoy yourself, but if you have a food allergy or are on a specific diet, it can be trickier. Luckily, there are many dining options throughout the Treasure Valley that cater to those who need to eat gluten-free, vegan, or even just would prefer to eat more organically. Here are several options that receive high praise for their delicious food and extensive options for those with sensitive tummies.

Starting in downtown Boise, there is a gorgeous restaurant located in the old bank building: Fork. This restaurant has an elegantly warm and inviting atmosphere with food that people rave about. Looking at the menu will set your mouth watering, and the cool part is that the menu mentions whether items are gluten-free or vegan- no need to ask for a separate menu like at most restaurants. If there are other allergies that may concern you, contact the restaurant ahead of time and they are incredibly accommodating. They will make sure that you can enjoy your meal.

This restaurant is also wheelchair accessible, so all patrons can feel comfortable in their dining. “Loyal to local” is a motto at Fork, so there are always fresh ingredients and the owners have a dedication to helping support local farms. There are many specials that are served Fork. For example, Monday and Tuesday are Spare Rib and Chicken and Waffle night, respectively, which mean that they will serve those entrees until they are gone. Saturday and Sunday find Fork open earlier to accommodate brunch hours, and if Bloody Marys are your favorite, then head on over for the brunch Bloody Mary bar. The Fork is a wonderful establishment that will make you long to return time and time again.

Next on the list is Twigs Bistro. Located at The Village in Meridian, this lovely bistro and martini bar packs a punch of flavor. The idea behind this restaurant is to be as welcoming as possible. The fantastic service matches the quality of the food, and if you return regularly, staff will remember who you are and your favorite order. The exhibition kitchen provides a nice, open feeling that puts you in the middle of the action, though for larger parties there is also the option of using the private banquet room. As far as the food goes, there are some really cool dishes at Twigs. Every day there are “fresh sheets”- menus made up to show what fresh foods they have as a specialty dish for the day. And, for those with a gluten sensitivity who miss ordering sandwiches with well-made bread, never fear! Twigs has quite a spectacular selection. It wouldn’t be a martini bar if there wasn’t an expansive selection, so martini enthusiasts will be pleased to find that the menu has over thirty delicious drinks to try. During the summer, patrons are able to enjoy outdoor seating, while in the winter, giant windows open to highlight the outdoor skating rink. The ambiance of the restaurant is light and fun, so make sure to head over and check it out!

Idaho is known for many famous things- striking mountain ranges, rushing rivers, and gems, just to name a few. But, there’s one commodity that puts Idaho on the map- potatoes! The Boise Fry Company makes a point of highlighting one of the greatest ground-dwelling foods. Similar to the other restaurants already featured, this restaurant strives to keep the food local and fresh. This means that they buy their potatoes from a farm in Buhl, Idaho. They also do what they can to keep their carbon footprint low, relying on energy-efficient appliances and keeping waste to a minimum. The food is stellar, too. If you love fries, then this is the place for you. There are many choices that set the fries and Boise Fry Co. apart from the rest. These include picking from eight different varieties of potato and five different styles of cut for the fries. Beyond the fries, however, there are refreshing choices of burgers, drinks, and sides that are all quite reasonably priced. Any vegan diners will love that there are several options for main meals, including a vegan burger and a quinoa side salad. If there is an event coming up and you’d like to have the Boise Fry Company cater for you, contact them and you may be able to reserve the food truck to feed the masses.

Bittercreek Alehouse is a unique experience that can be enjoyed by many, including those with nut allergies (the foods containing tree nuts are clearly marked on the menu). In addition to this, gluten free and vegetarian patrons will love the options available to them in this local farm supporting restaurants. A quirky menu briefly mentions that they do what they can to source ingredients locally, however they are unable to do so with some ingredients. There is a dedication, however, to making sure all ingredients are quality and ethically raised, etc. Earlier in the day, around happy hour, there are fewer options regarding the menu, but the choices that are available are still exquisite and bursting with flavor. The main attraction, however, is the locally brewed beer, cinder wines, and fuzzy leopards and extraordinarily low prices. Enjoy your beverages by candlelight during happy hour and drink in the atmosphere, or pop by during the dinner hours and enjoy your food late into the night. Make sure, though, to make this a stop on your tour of Treasure Valley eateries.

There are so many options for people looking to support local food businesses and farms, as well as for those who require special care in their eating out experiences. The Treasure Valley is rich in talented business owners, so make sure to branch out. You never know what you will find that makes your heart sing and your stomach satisfied.

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