Boise, Why Almost Everything Happens in the Capital of Idaho

DowntownBoise is by far Idaho’s largest city.  For those seeking an urban setting in the state, the capital of Idaho, Boise, is home to 205,671 residents, double the number in Idaho’s second biggest city.  While some think only of Idaho’s small-towns and farming, Boise is surprisingly vibrant and cosmopolitan.  Downtown Boise is the cultural hub for the valley and state’s entertainment, with college and professional minor-league sports, music, theatre, art, and much more.  And even though it is Idaho’s most populated area, there is still plentiful space and land.  It’s Idaho after all, home of the unusual, though refreshing, constant mix of culture and country, and development and undisturbed wilderness.  The foothills sit just to the North and East of the Idaho’s capital city, while the Boise River meanders through the middle of Boise.  

Those seeking the urban amenities may be surprised at how economical a housing purchase in Boise is.  The median price of a home in Boise is near $160,000.  Some of the state’s most expensive real estate is found just north of downtown and Idaho’s capitol building in Boise’s North End neighborhood.  Boise is rapidly growing, and with the diversity of its neighborhoods there is something for everyone.  One would be hard pressed to find another city anywhere with all the benefits of urban lifestyle that Boise offers, without all the negatives.  Boise’s qualities have long been overlooked, but the capital of Idaho is receiving more and more national attention for its bountiful benefits and high quality of life.

Idaho is one of the least populated states in the nation.  Farming and ranching are still important facets of the state economy and there are considerable areas of desert and forest wilderness.  As the capital of Idaho, Boise is the cross-roads of Idaho geographically.  It lays on the route between the West and East side of the state and on the way to Northern Idaho.  Boise also shares a heightened importance as the largest city in Idaho because nearly half of Idaho’s population comes from the Boise metropolitan area.  Boise is where you will find the biggest fair in Idaho, the Idaho Historical Museum, the only college football bowl game held in Idaho, and much more.  The city of Boise itself has grown at a lower rate than the surrounding suburbs of Meridian, Eagle, Kuna, Nampa, and others.  This has given the capital of Idaho a bit more stability than the up-and-coming suburbs.

Boise’s economy is thriving.  It is an attractive place for many businesses and has a nice mix of local, small business, and large chains.  Popular consumer stores such as Nordstrom Rack continue to come to Boise, as well as nearly all of the most current food chains.  This allows you to not miss out on anything, but still have the famous big-city smallness that Boise is known for.  Being in the largest city of Idaho has the definite advantage of wider job opportunities than the many small towns dotting the state.  Boise is home to many corporate headquarters, including Albertsons, Winco, and Micron.  Micron, a computer company, is the single biggest employer in the area.

Buying real estate in Boise, the largest city in Idaho, is a very smart idea.  Boise continues to improve and become more attractive to buyers from the West Coast and afar.  Not only will you get far more house than you would elsewhere, you will live very well.  

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