Build a Library in Your Home!

Books. Lots of books. Piled on the tables. Shoved under the bed. Crammed in the closet. Or, worst of all, boxed away in the garage. It wouldn’t be so bad if you could stand to get rid of them, but the catch is that you love them. You know the stories, the histories, the pictures, and the lessons they’ve taught you since you were a kid. So what’s your solution? Perhaps now is the time to convert your TV room into a library, where you can put your books in a safe, accessible location.

Picking a Room

Choosing which room to convert into a library is a real challenge. Chances are that you don’t have a spare bedroom or unfinished basement lying around, you’re a lucky duck if you do, so picking any room means doing some extensive shuffling. Either way, when you pick a library space, make sure that it is a place that is quiet and welcoming. A thumping washing machine in the next room isn’t going to help you immerse yourself in a story. Some good candidates for this are, as aforementioned, a spare bedroom if you’ve got one, your current TV room, or one of your living rooms. Typical homes in Boise and surrounding area have two large living spaces, so converting one into a library is a relatively easy transition.


The key to building any library is finding the right shelving for your home. Most homes already have a well established layout, so transportable shelving is probably your best bet. These can be wood, plastic, or even artsy cast iron. Depending on the look you’re going for, the options can vary. A dark wood with warm walls creates a cozy feel. Conversely, a lighter stained wood with sky blue walls creates an airy look. For a modern twist, try out sleek plastics. And if you don’t mind lugging it in, cast iron is a sturdy, stylish choice. All of these materials vary by designer, so your shelving options are unlimited. If you’re feeling particularly brave, floor to ceiling shelving not only expands the number of books you can stack, but creates a very Disney’s Beauty and the Beast effect. There is something undeniably mysterious and inviting to a book that you have to stand on a footstool to reach.


Since your books have a place to sit, it only makes sense that you do, too. Furniture in your library space is essential for your literary enjoyment. If you’ve vacated your living room, drag some of those plush couches back in and set them either opposite or a few feet in front of your shelves. A small coffee table in the center of the room gives you a space to set your hot chocolate, or snack, on while you’re reading. Additionally, a lamp or two adds atmosphere to the room. With that in mind, if you have a TV in the room, find another place for it. Your library is a quiet place, and the buzz of the evening news or the latest football game can occupy a different room.    

If you need a place to put your favorite reads, look closely at the rooms in your home. Chances are that there’s a spot where a library would be more than welcome. Then your books will be safe, sound, and easy to pull off the shelf.

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