Carpet or Hardwood?



One of the first things people should notice when they walk into a space is the time and effort that has been put into designing and decorating it. There are many ways to spruce up a home and make it more welcoming for the homeowner as well as any guests, but one way that can stand out as a shining statement is the flooring. That’s right! Flooring has a great effect on making a home feel more elegant, but it can also have the opposite effect if the floor is a weird color or old and has not had the proper upkeep. If the current flooring falls into the second category, or if a change is what’s desired, then picking out and installing new flooring is a great option to research.

As with most design aspects, there are many different directions available to homeowners looking to switch up their flooring. Narrowing down these choices can depend a lot on the purpose of the room, the decor already in the room, and the overall feel in the room. While there are outliers, many flooring options fall into the categories of carpeting and hardwood flooring. Figuring out which option is best for which room can be tough, but overall, each type of flooring has its own strengths and weaknesses.

Carpeting can come in many different fiber types and each type can be categorized as either synthetic or natural. While natural carpeting can be incredibly soft, it’s not very common to come across a natural fiber that is stain resistant. Because of this, synthetic carpeting leads the industry by over 75%.

The two leading types of synthetic carpeting are nylon and polyester. Nylon carpets are quite durable, meaning that they don’t break down as easily and they don’t crush as readily as some other options do. Also, for those who are messy eaters or who are prone to spilling, nylon carpets tend to be better at keeping spills from sinking deeper into the carpeting which can lead to stains. Nylon is the most popular choice for most homeowners looking to re-carpet their spaces and it accounts for over half of the new carpet purchases and installations.The other option that makes up a portion of carpet sales is polyester. Polyester fibers are definitely the cheaper way to go, but where there is a cost cut, there is also a step down in durability. This type of carpet may not be as long lasting, but what it lacks in fiber strength it makes up for with it’s luxurious, soft, and thick pile. If a soft carpet is what is needed, polyester can go a long way for a smaller price tag.

As previously mentioned, this is just a quick overview of two of the varieties of carpets that are available. Carpeting can be a great option for rooms that are large and have a tendency to echo as carpet does wonders to help with sound reduction. This makes it a great candidate for bedrooms and living rooms. Additionally, it can play a big part in helping to insulate the floor which means it can be a helper when it comes to keeping utility costs low, plus this puts carpet in a prime position for basement areas that tend toward colder temperatures. On the flip side, if a spill is left for too long, there is a higher chance that the carpet will stain. Areas that see higher traffic can also see the breakdown of the carpet over time. For animal lovers, carpet may not be the greatest suggestion primarily because odors tend to linger in carpeting, so potty training a dog can mean that the smell of urine won’t leave even after the dog learns to do its duty outside. One final, general thought about carpets- they don’t require much upkeep. They primarily are cared for by regular vacuuming, spot cleaning of spills to prevent staining, and the occasional deep clean.

Carpets are not suited for all rooms. The kitchen and bathrooms, for example, are prone to spills and a higher level of moisture in the air than other areas of the house. In rooms such as these, carpets are more likely to mildew which makes other flooring options are more popular. Hardwood flooring, for example, is a good option for refinishing the floors in these rooms. Plus, many homebuyers love seeing hardwood floors throughout the home. There are many styles, stains, and colors available and most hardwood flooring works well as a neutral which allows for more design options. Hardwood is durable and spotting high traffic areas is often less obvious than carpeting. Unfortunately, installing hardwood can turn out to be a bigger job than it may seem to be at first glance. Prior to installation, a subflooring must be installed which can bring the overall cost of the project up, as well as adding more time before the floor installation is completed. Plus, the upkeep on a hardwood floor can include polishing as well as the everyday sweeping and mopping. For anyone who is sensitive to chemical vapors, this process may not be ideal as it should be done more often than a deep carpet cleaning. Likewise, hardwood flooring does little to muffle sound. It can be a great choice for anyone with allergies, though, since it traps less dust and dirt than a carpet would.

For anyone trying to decide what to do in regards to refinishing the floors in a home, it’s important to view the different pros and cons of having each flooring in a room. While some homeowners prefer one type of floor in the bedroom, others may see more positives behind choosing to go a different direction. Flooring is a great way to spice up a room, no matter what type.


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