Choosing a New Construction Lot

New construction in idaho is really booming with lower prices and pent-up demand. Many are not familiar with building a new construction home and your Hughes Group agent will be your representative throughout the process. While you'll well taken care of with a quality agent and contractor, you have to pick where your home in Idaho will ultimately lie. Here's how to pick the right home lot:

Consider the Neighborhood

Boise has exciting new neighborhoods going in all over, especially in Northeast Boise and Southeast Boise. Each neighborhood has its own personality and set of quirks which will affect if and where you want to build a home inside of it. Remember that the neighborhood is almost as important as the house itself for all the ways that it will affect your life daily. Things to consider within the neighborhood are amenities (playground, pool, park), views, neighborhood codes, and traffic patterns. You'll likely want to have a few neighborhoods in mind that you like, so that you have options buying a particular lot doesn't work out.

The Best Lot Location 

Two homes that look exactly like, with the same floor plan, will be much different based on where they are located even in the same neighborhood. Your lot should fit you just like your house does. First of all, make sure the home that you are building will fit on the lot, especially with single-levels.
Also important is that you like where the lot is in the neighborhood. Some prefer corner lots or cul-de-sac lots, while others want to be close to the entrance of the neighborhood so they don't have to drive 20 m.p.h. for very long. Whatever you decide, be sure that you have seen what happening around the lot at various times of day, including traffic, shade, etc. and that you take into account everything about the lot, like topography and what will go in next door. You will need to make sure that a lot has power and utilities if it's in an outlying area. In Idaho you also need to ensure that the lot doesn't have flood or fire danger. Leave no stone unturned, because if you start out with the wrong lot, you won't end up with the perfect home.

Check the Price

Price is also one of the most important parts of choosing a lot to build on. Overall, prices for home lots are on the rise, along with prices for home construction. Now is a great time to build a home and prices are affordable, but do your homework looking at multiple different lots before buying to make sure you're getting the best price. Work hand-in-hand with our realtor to see if maybe you could find a prime lot with an awesome view of the mountains or on the green of a golf course. If you're really looking to save money, consider picking a lot that others may have overlooked, like one that's sandwiched between two already-built homes or backed up to a busy street.

Whatever you do in purchasing your new home in Idaho, don't forget the importance of picking a good lot. Hughes Group agents know how you get their clients everything they're looking for: rest easy, they have done it well hundreds of times. Start today and you could own your own piece of property in Idaho in a few months!  

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