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Life in the country is often idealized in popular television shows. While it may not always be exactly the same as portrayed on screen, it still can be all that it’s cracked up to be. It’s always important when deciding whether to make a big change in scenery, to leave time to deliberate as well as realize that moving can be stressful and often has a period of settling. With this in mind, let’s jump right into the awesome things that you can look forward to as a rural home dweller.

After making a move to the country from any other type of location, there are several amazing things that set rural towns apart from city and suburban neighborhoods. Often, it’s easier to find a fixer-upper home for cheaper. This is mainly true in areas that are truly rural- an hour or two away from a big city isn’t uncommon. Likewise, many of your neighbors will be able to tell you about the past of your home and property since there’s a higher chance that they’ve been in the area for a while. It can be really neat to hear stories about why there is a stump instead of a tree, when the shed was put in, and different ideas for to prepare for each of the seasons. Plus, they can give you a heads up if the neighborhood has any quirks and what town events may be coming up.

People in a smaller, rural town are often very helpful and the community means a lot to them. It may be out of your comfort zone, but make a point to say hello to your neighbors. If you find yourself in a situation where you need help, such as the car breaking down or a tree branch that needs to be pruned back, folks will often go out of their way to make sure that you get the help you need. There are always ways to get involved in your community, regardless of where you live, but in a rural town, there’s almost always something to be done. Many country communities do all that they can to work together to make life easier for everyone involved.

One common hobby is gardening. Whether you have a green thumb or not, getting to know your neighbors could bring the added benefit of homegrown zucchini, tomatoes, carrots, and various fruits. Likewise, it’s pretty easy to find a variety of crops that farmers are willing to sell. If you like to have fresh dairy products, eggs, and meat, then never fear because there is likely a local ranch or butcher that will sell grass-fed and well cared for animals at a more reasonable price than you could find on store shelves.

Making it into the city for conveniences such as electronics stores and popular chain stores may be more difficult and may not happen as often. This, however, isn’t necessarily the end of the world. Many people who live in areas farther away from cities talk about how wonderful it is to be away from traffic and potential air pollutants. Others mention the fact that they love to be able to have an exciting trip to look forward to whenever they do make it into areas with more stores. It can be helpful to budget in situations like this and can even save money in the long run because they aren’t as likely to pop into their car and head to the store as often. Plus, in today’s world, there are awesome perks such as online shopping. Amazon and other such websites can be great resources.

If you are a foodie, it may make going to restaurants and trying different cuisines more difficult than if you were living in a more densely populated area. There are typically a few mom and pop restaurants, and if you live in a more closely settled rural community then you might be to get a few fast food chains and even a Denny’s, but the selection for eating foods from around the world is likely to be sparse. It can still be quite the adventure to try out all of the restaurants in the area to find out which eating establishments fit your taste. Who knows? Maybe you’ll find your weekly hangout! Or, maybe you’ll find a coffeehouse that will make your need for Starbucks a thing of the past.

Spending time with others is of high priority when you aren’t constantly passing hundreds of people on the roads, in stores, and in other locations. Because of this, many rural communities place a high priority on celebrating various holidays that may or may not be on the standard calendar. Often, the town will put on parades and have other parties, booths, fairs, and rodeos in efforts to bring people together and help foster good spirits between neighbors. In addition, vendors are able to show off their wares in settings that are different than their normal routines and allows for townsfolk to see what sorts of local foods, crafts, and services are available. While there may be fewer options for entertainment, there is always something to do in a country town.

Whether you decided that a move to the country is for you or not, there are definite merits to being in a location that is farther from the city. From being welcomed into a closely knit community to having fresh food products, there is a little taste of something for everyone. Give yourself the chance to fall in love with the change of pace that rural life brings and you’ll find a different way to live can be greatly rewarding.

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