Da Vinci in Idaho

Born into a time of innovated science and art, Leonardo Da Vinci’s influence has proceeded past his life. This Renaissance man was a scientist with intense dedication and an artist with passionate devotion. All over the world exhibits are dedicated to him, and Idaho is no exception. There are several places in Idaho that honor Leonardo Da Vinci, either by showcasing his life, inventions, art...or simply by using his name.

Discovery Center of Idaho

Located at the Discovery Center of Idaho is a new exhibition that showcases Da Vinci and his inventions and ingenuity. This is a traveling exhibit and is open during the summer and includes more than 60 inventions models, 21 replicated works of art, and has educational information. You can learn about Da Vinci, his art, and his technology at this exhibit.

Boise Art Museum

The Boise Art Museum has also commemorated Leonardo Da Vinci’s work, with an Art Break Tour sponsored by the Da Vinci Art Guild. Many art museums will dedicate something to a famous artist. Although, a few fortunate museums have the honor of holding Da Vinci’s artwork. The Boise Art Museum showcasts other artists as well including a local artist, James Castle.

Da Vinci Restaurant

Located in Eagle, Idaho, is an Italian restaurant by the name of Da Vinci. This local restaurant serves cuisine for residents of Idaho in the Italian fashion in not only food but also design. Surpassing art and inventions, Da Vinci’s name has found its influence in food as well. Other restaurants in the Boise Metropolitan area also have fine dining opportunities will class and excellent food.


There are multiple stone designers in Idaho that titled their company after Da Vinci, including Da Vinci Stone and da Vinci Stone Design. Using the Da Vinci name when looking into art creates an expectation of quality and finesse, which is exactly why his name is used. Companies who value variety and quality should be sought after when building a new home or working on remodeling your home.


The Mona Lisa has influenced the artist and the common people alike for centuries. Painted in the Renaissance Era, the Mona Lisa is famous for innovative art techniques and is perhaps “the best known, the most visited, the most written about, the most parodied work of art in the world” (John Lichfield, The Moving of the Mona Lisa).  Leonardo Da Vinci's masterpiece has found its way into pop art throughout cultures across the world. Its influence has created effects in sometimes peculiar ways - and Idaho has a few.

Mona Lisa Drive

Mona Lisa Drive in Meridian is located off of Locust Grove Road. This street is home to an array of houses in the rural Green Valley neighborhood. This quiet community has new homes that have a classical style of architecture that is exemplified in the floor plan. Using the Mona Lisa as an address for homes helps support the beauty of the area.

The Mona Lisa Fondue Restaurant

A once popular fondue Restaurant in Nampa, the Mona Lisa Fondue Restaurant provided excellent cuisine in a romantic atmosphere. Unfortunately, this restaurant closed in August of 2011 because of the economy. However, it is still interesting to note the Mona Lisa’s influence created a once popular restaurant.

Mona Lisa Tattoo and Piercing

Nampa residents seem to really like the Mona Lisa! A tattoo parlor in Nampa was named the Mona Lisa Tattoo and Piercing. This is just another example of how inspiring the Mona Lisa can be. Famous artwork inspires artists to inspire others as well. Using the name of a famous artwork excites an artist to create something as beautiful or inspiring as the artwork that motivated them and perhaps sparked their love for art.

Idaho Headline:

Mona Lisa Gives More Than Just an Enigmatic Star: Historians Discover Numbers and Letters in Her Eyes

Posted December 13, 2010, this news article headlined in the Idaho Huffington Post. In this news article, it reports that a member of the National Committee for Cultural Heritage in Italy, Luigi Borgia, found a book on the painting with a sequence of numbers and letters that were hid in Mona Lisa’s eyes. In one eye the letters LV were found. In the other, the symbols C and E, B and S, 72, and L2. Some believe that these symbols indicate the identity of Mona Lisa, calling into question the belief that it was a portrait of Lisa del Giocondo. Though the Mona Lisa is currently in Italy, across the world in Idaho- residents still consider the artwork relevant to their lives.

Da Vinci’s art has surpassed time. Famous for his innovation and talent, this artist has touched the lives of countless people. Some of his famous works of art, like the Mona Lisa, have become eternal representations of gifted art and perceptions. His name and the name of his art can be seen across the world- including the state of Idaho.








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