Designing Your New Boise Home... How Big is Big Enough?

While many of us might dream of expansive mansions with dozens of bedrooms and baths, the reality is that we probably will never need anything that large.  If you are designing your new Boise home, how big is big enough for your family?  What should be considered before hammering the first nail into your new home? To get started consider these questions:

How long you plan to live in your home?

Is it five years?  Ten years?  30 years?  Over that time span, think about how your family may transform.  Will it grow, and then shrink as children move away?  Will you need extra living space for aging parents?  Keep the numbers in mind while you evaluate your home’s size.

What do you want from your home? 

Your family size is obviously very important, but also how you will use your home is equally important.  If you will be gone and traveling a great deal, you may not need much space.  But if you plan to entertain a lot or have a large family, you may want to have plenty of room in the den, family room, or patio.

Will you have pets? 

The type of pets you have can determine your home’s size also.  Dogs may need a nice large fenced in backyard.  But a cat may just need a warm window sill.  If you want an aquarium, would it be large or just a corner of a room?

How much do you really need? 

It might be easy to think that you need a larger home if your current residence is packed to the brink.  But seriously look at your items and think about what should really be cleaned out and discarded versus what you really want or need to keep.

Do your kids need their own rooms? 

As kids age and become teens, it might be good to have a room of their own.  But while kids are younger it can actually be a good experience to learn how to share a room and bath with a sibling.  This can prepare them for dorm life or even a future spouse.

How much upkeep are you willing to do? 

Larger homes mean larger expenses and more maintenance time. This includes more mopping and vacuuming, more windows, more heating and cooling expenses, and so on.  Be prepared to take on those responsibilities with larger homes.

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