Don’t Fall Into Common Buyer Traps

Idaho HomeSo, you’re going to buy a new home.  You’ve thought about this for a while, and your decision will affect your emotional and financial well-being for years.  While some say this is risky, most people do buy real estate multiple times.  It does pay to be careful and smart about home buying, and we’ll show you what to avoid.

1.    Bad Real Estate Agents. Probably the most important part of having a positive experience finding real estate for sale in Boise is having a great agent.  They should be there for you in every way and completely committed to you.  You should trust them and have an open, working, professional relationship with your agent.  If you aren’t getting this quality real estate assistance, find a more reliable agent.  There is no reason you can’t terminate your contract with your agent if you are not receiving the service that you hoped for.  And though you could try and sell your home yourself, studies show that you actually lose money doing so due to inexperience in the market.  Hughes Group Agents will treat you right!  In addition to their code of ethics as members of the National Association of Realtors, the Hughes Group specializes in giving their clients superior customer service as they treat their clients as individual people. .

2.    Searching with Out-of-Date Methods. Say goodbye to driving around looking for sale signs. is updated daily, and features complete MLS listings of real estate for sale in the Boise area.  Additionally, on the buying page of the website, there is a tab on the left side for “Today’s New Listings.”  This gives you the upper hand when many are looking to buy and sellers are getting multiple offers very quickly.  Hughes Group agents work hand-in-hand with their buyers, showing them listings that would be best for them and staying in constant contact with their clients.

3.    Looking for the Perfect House.  Many home buyers think there is only one piece of real estate for sale in Boise which will fulfill their needs.  This can limit their options and actually prevent them from realizing their home-buying goal.  You could spend considerable amounts of time and money and never find a home that is exactly perfect.  Be open to different styles, floor plans, and locations.  Don’t forget that part of the fun of having a house is personalizing it.  It’s yours, so you can knock down a wall, add on, or work on the landscaping.  Have this in mind and work with your agent to find the best home for your family.

4.    Not Thinking Smart and Long-Term.  Considering your long-term goals will greatly increase your overall satisfaction with the piece of real estate for sale in Boise that you just purchased.  Getting pre-qualified before home searching, having a home inspection done, and doing a thorough final walkthrough are "don’t-skip" steps.  Understanding the total costs is important so you aren't surprised with closing costs or anything that pops up.  Your realtor will be an asset for you.  Talk to an insurance agent about what the cost of insuring your home will be.  See if there are any special coverages you might need. 

By thinking of all the aspects of buying real estate for sale in Boise, you will steer clear of rookie mistakes that you won’t be proud of.  Buying a home can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be.  A knowledgeable Hughes Group Agent will walk you through each step, helping you in many areas of real estate.

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