Eagle Island State Park

Considering the majority of Idaho is a state park, why not get real cozy? Eagle Island is located in Eagle between the north and south channels of the Boise River. Originally used for agricultural purposes this man-made lake offers all kinds of activities for friends, work functions, and barbeques galore. Though the best things are free, there is a slight charge to utilize all that Eagle Island has to offer, but this time you get what you pay for! For just day use it is $5 per vehicle. There are 2 other options for those avid state park visitors that really pay off! For the Idahoan, there is an Idaho State Parks Passport, which is $10 and allows your vehicle into the park without another charge. Similarly, there is a $40 permit available for those not from Idaho, which also allows unlimited visitation and park usage. Both of these work on any State Park in Idaho.

Amenities and Activities

Eagle Island truly was designed with you in mind. Between the restrooms, fire pits, picnic tables, drinking fountains, and concession stands, this is an all-day event! Not to mention the volleyball, horseshoe, and disc golf courts, paddle board rentals, and waterslide, the day is yours! Though there is a concession stand, don’t let that prevent you from loading up the cooler! There are some slight limitations on the paddle board rentals and waterslide use however; their cost is NOT included with your original entrance fee. The waterslide is only available Saturday’s and Sunday’s from noon to 8pm. It is $1 for one ride, $8 for ten rides, and $12 for an all-day pass. The paddle board rentals are only available Thursdays and Fridays from 9am to 5pm, and Saturdays and Sundays from noon to 8pm. The rental price is to be determined at the park. As Eagle Island is hundreds of acres, it is almost impossible to run out of activities. If the water fun doesn’t appeal to you there is still fishing and other activities for you as well. The park still keeps its agricultural side and allows horses on the property, and provides over five miles of trails for horseback riding, hiking, and walking your dog.

What about swimming?

And now for the main event! The swimming section of Eagle Island has been marked off with bright yellow piping, so as to best keep an watch on your accompanying party. There is NOT a lifeguard on duty, so it is extremely important to be aware of any who struggle with swimming in your group so as to guarantee their safety. Within this marked off section is a beach area ideal for sand castles, sun tanning, and all manner of beach front activities. That being said, the rest of the 545-acre park is yours for the exploring! Tubes, rafts, kayaks, all forms of swimming accessories are welcome, and sometimes even necessary for the exploration of the actual island. As long as there is no motor on you boat the park allows it, and even encourages this use by providing a coin operated air compressor to help get those inner-tubes out on the water. The park is open from 7am to 10pm, which provides plenty of time for swimming, sand sculpting, and boating every available space. Keep in mind that though this is a man-made establishment, it still carries the same wild life that Idaho is so proud of, so be sure to pack and prepare for that. Bug spray and citronella candles are a must. If you are interested in exploring the Island, be aware of your surrounding and the nature that is around you. Bees and wasps will still be there, on top of other wildlife such as deer or foxes. As long as you pack appropriately and keep your eyes open this will be a great visit!

Group Use?

Eagle Island has one more main attraction that easily get looks over, its group use! There are four different pavilion’s equipped with picnic tables for your use. These are both walk in ready as well as reserve-able, and perfect for any event you may be hosting. Your party’s size determines which shelter you would need. If you would need more space than that Eagle Island would require you to reserve two. The Harrier Shelter and the Kestrel shelter both hold 100 people, and would cost $120 to rent per day, whereas the Falcon Shelter and Osprey Shelter both hold 50 people and would cost $60 to rent per day. Bounce houses are only permitted at the Harrier and Kestrel Shelters. Electricity is available in all four pavilions, and water is available in some of them. These shelters would be perfect for any corporate event, birthday party, reception, barbeque, the list is endless! There are trash cans nearby for your convenience, as well as grills precariously placed around the park. As the fee to get in is still only $5 for the whole vehicle, this is a great way to enjoy a large get together without having to break the bank OR invite your whole work office into your backyard! If you would like to make a reservation, feel free to call (208) 939-0696. Also, note that any reservation fee paid is NOT refundable!

As far as State Parks go, Eagle Island is one of the best. The entire park works hard to bring as many amenities as possible, to make your continued experience the best it can be. Be sure to visit for yourself, as nothing beats the heat like Eagle Island State Park.



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