Enjoying Idaho's Winter Weather

Idaho can be a really great place. It is full of fun things to do, especially in the outdoors, and it is developing a thriving city life that can revile some of the larger cities of the country. It is not quite to the level of Los Angeles or Seattle yet, but it will probably get there at some point, and in the meantime, you get all of the good with very little of the bad. For example, because it is so far north and even shares a border with Canada (Known for its cold weather), Idaho can get pretty darn chilly the farther north you head. This is really what I want to talk about here because a lot of people can be turned off from Idaho because of the cold when there are things that can be done to limit the cold’s effect on you and to be safe while you are int it. I would love if you allowed me to give you a few pointers on living in or visiting Idaho as a whole when the winter has set in and all kinds of cold winter activities are happening. 

A large part of enjoying your winters is staying warm and simply dressing for the occasion. If you arrive in the state for the winter and only have a light jacket, you are definitely not going to be comfortable and limit the time having fun due to the distraction of being cold. So, if you are just visiting, my recommendation to you would be to either come with a few layers of warm clothes that will keep you comfortable or to be ready to buy some when you arrive. If you are making a more permanent commitment to spending time in Idaho, you can still buy stuff when you get to the state and your new home, but you are going to need a lot more stuff if you want to be comfortable for the long haul. What this amounts to is that you have a lot of different kinds of jackets and coats to keep you warm for some times and not too warm for others. There are all kinds of stuff that you are going to need and want to make your winter experience safe and unspoiled. For example, emergency supplies are a really good thing to have in any state. You want something that will keep you fed and hydrated if a larger snowstorm passes through the area making it difficult to commute as usual. Or worst-case scenario, if you are snowed in enough that you do not want to drive to the grocery store, you always know you have something food to cook and enjoy.

Your home is also something that you need to watch out for. Be aware of what goes on inside your house and outside it. Foundations can freeze and thaw and then crack, and your pipes can freeze and then burst when they just cannot take the stress anymore. If these things happen to you, you are going to want to be prepared and know who to contact, so make sure your home is well maintained and watch for signs of cracks. If you leave home for an extending period of time, consider having someone check in on the home time after time. 

Driving is a big worry to be thinking about as well. When there is ice on the road it tends to make your car spin out, and when you lose control of your car, all bets are off. My best advice would be to just not drive if you do not need to, but that is usually not going to be an option. Something will come along that requires you to leave your home and get in your car. The basic rules of driving on snow and ice are to go slow and keep plenty of room between you and other people on the road and next to it. Try to stay below the speed limit where it makes sense. The faster you go, the more likely you are to hit a rough patch and lose control of your car. The same applies for acceleration and deceleration. With accelerating, you just go slow, so you do not spin out, but with decelerating, you want to give yourself a lot of space between everything else on the road so that you can slow down slowly without losing control.

The most important thing I want to leave you with is that winter is a time of great fun and enjoyment. Sure, a lot of snow falls and it gets all over your car and home, but that time of year also opens you up to a bunch of different activities that you cannot do at any other time. Skiing is one of the most popular things to do in Idaho and there is a very good reason for it. It is an incredible experience and gives you a good time like no other. You can have snowball fights and ride around on snowmobiles and just have a generally fun time in the powdery snow. There are some tough times that will inevitably come during winter, but most of the time it is not going to be so hard. Do your best to enjoy as much if as possible. Eventually, it will be gone and replaced with something else which might be good but also might not be as fun.

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