Excellent Colleges Near Boise

One of the many great reasons to live in Boise or the surrounding areas is the widespread, high-end educational opportunities. Inside of the city, there are a few universities, such as Boise State University and the College of Western Idaho, and less than an hour away there are more well-reputed universities, including the College of Idaho. Your realtor can help you decide which university area is best for you. Moving to the Boise area is a great idea if you or someone you in your family wants to attend a university to further their education and it enriches the lives of all who live in the area because of continuing education opportunities, community events, and increased property value.

Boise State University

The most popular college in Boise is clearly Boise State University, home of the broncos. Although it is known primarily for its athletics and blue football field, it has great academic programs as well. With a choice of close to 200 degrees, there definitely is something for everyone. Boise State is also home to the largest undergraduate nursing program in Idaho, and if you wanted a master's degree in raptor biology, this is in the only school in the United States that offers this program. Propelled by its outstanding football team and desire to become a nationally respected university, Boise State's offers an increasingly good academic experience with state-of-the-art new buildings popping up yearly. Boise State also is home to wonderful entertainment, including its many: sports, drama, and music programs.

College of Western Idaho

The College of Western Idaho has two strong locations, in Ada county (Boise) and Canyon county (Nampa). It is a two-year college that offers a lot of general classes to get you started in your education, as well as some degrees and programs. With the lower cost, it's a great place to get your basics done while figuring out what you want to do, up your education with adult classes, or learn a valuable skill for the workplace.

Treasure Valley Community College

Treasure Valley Community College is a smaller college with a strong emphasis on the individual learner. The classes are smaller so students can have one-on-one time with the professor to get the help they need--they won't stick you in a huge lecture hall with a professor that just wants to lecture. Offering 23 degrees, they are all focused on preparing the students for jobs in the future.

College of Idaho

The College of Idaho, located in Caldwell (about 30 minutes from Boise), currently has 16 majors and 55 minors to choose from. The college of Idaho is a very good private liberal arts college with a 12:1 faculty to student ratio and average class size of 10.8. This means all of the students can get the attention they need from the professor at all times and benefit from the connected, small-community feel of the College of Idaho. The College of Idaho also has the highest graduation rate of all the colleges in Idaho.

Northwest Nazarene University

Northwest Nazarene University is a nonprofit Christian university located in Nampa, a city right outside of Boise. You don't have to be Christian to attend this school, in fact, less than half of the student body claim Nazarene as their religion. It is a larger school with over 60 areas of study. In order to attend, you must agree to follow certain lifestyle requirements, meaning that it's a clean and safe environment to be in.

These are just a few colleges located near the Boise area, but it shows how strong the educational opportunities are in the Treasure Valley. This a great place to move to because you could go to school or work at one of the local universities, as well as the amazing quality of life Boise offers for everyone. Strong colleges make a better community for everyone--begin your Boise area home search today.

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