Explore the Wonders of the Ocean

Have you ever watched a shark swim? It’s menacing and beautiful, all at the same time. They seem to glide through the water, their telltale fin like a flag above them. How about an octopus? Have you ever watched an octopus swim? It’s hard to describe, and amazing to experience. They can walk, they can glide across the bottom of the ocean, and they can jet through the water with amazing speed. If the answer is no, the good news is that you don’t just have to take my word for it. Go to the Aquarium of Boise and check it out for yourself!

The Aquarium of Boise

The aquarium is a non-profit organization, and they seek to “educate and inspire the community to conserve and protect oceanic life.” The oceans are a vital part of the global ecosystem, and it can be hard to think of the oceans as anything but giant bodies of water. But they are full of life, and you can catch a glimpse of that life, and its variety, by heading to the aquarium and exploring their exhibits.

Seeing what kind of marine animals the ocean holds really is inspiring, and you’ll find yourself incredibly interested in learning about what is swimming right in front of you. While you can always tour the aquarium on your own, they do offer guided tours to provide information and to answer any questions you might have.

The aquarium is large. It sprawls a massive 10,000 square feet and holds over 35,000 gallons of saltwater. They are working on expanding another 5,000 square feet to make room for even more exhibits. So, by now you might be wondering what kind of exhibits you can expect to explore when you visit the aquarium. They have a lot.

Shark and Puffer Exhibit

This exhibit holds an impressive 17,000 gallons of saltwater, and is home to a variety of shark species, including black tip reef sharks, a leopard shark, a bonnethead shark, gray smoothhound sharks, and a mappa pufferfish. This exhibit contains the largest sharks in the aquarium. It also has a coral refugium that serves as an extra level of filtration for the exhibit.

Shark and Ray Pool

Thought you were done with sharks because of the last exhibit? Those were just the largest sharks the aquarium has. This exhibit contains bat rays, stingrays, and other various shark species. You won’t want to miss this exhibit. You can feed the sharks and the rays here. That’s one experience you’ll remember, and share, for a long time.

Octopus Palace

This exhibit is home to a relatively new guest at the Aquarium of Boise. Here, you can discover the giant pacific octopus. She’s still young, and she’s enjoying exploring her new home. Her name is Ewalu (‘eh-va-loo), which means “eight” in Hawaiian. She shares her home with other marine invertebrates, like sea anemones. Octopuses are fascinating creatures, because they can solve problems, change their skin color in a second to hide, and they can even open containers. They’re also notorious escape artists.

Amazon Exhibit

This exhibit brings in freshwater fish from the Amazon, like cichlids, motoro stingrays, and more.

Caiman Exhibit

These little guys share an exhibit with the chameleon lizard. They are small alligators, and the two Cuvier’s dwarf caimans the aquarium has are young. Right now, they are only around 8 inches long. Tiny and cute, but still alligators.

Amazing Angels Exhibit

This is a truly amazing and beautiful exhibit. It holds 1,700 gallons of water, and is home to a tropical reef with over 35 different species of reef and marine life. This exhibit allows you to feed, and pet, the fish that have come from all over the Tropical Pacific Ocean.

Shark Nursery

This is a fun exhibit, and shows sharks in a different light. This is where shark eggs, and baby sharks are kept until they are ready to join the other sharks.

Bird Aviary

This is a new exhibit, and it allows you to feed the curious yellow breasted lory and rainbow lory from the palm of your hand. It’s quickly become a favorite exhibit.

Sea Jellies

Moon jellyfish reside in this exhibit. They are colorful, and almost alien, creatures that just seem to float through the water.

And You Didn’t Even Leave Boise

The aquarium exemplifies exactly what’s so great about living in Boise. You don’t have to go very far to have a wonderful, and out of this world experience. If you do have to leave the city, you never have to go far. Boise is centrally located, and surrounded by fun events and activities to enjoy. It has all the charm and amenities of a big city, but it’s surrounded by the great outdoors. You’ll never be bored in Idaho. Adventure is right in your backyard.

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