The Power of Feng Shui, A Good Feeling Home

Did you know that the way you set up your home affects the energy of your home? It is easy to purchase a home, get everything unpacked and live without being particular about the items in the home's placement. Yet, the colors, the arrangement of the furniture, and the materials you use to decorate can affect your mood. If you set your home in a way that creates negative energy, you can feel negative effects. However, if you set up your home in such a way that draws out good energy, you will be in a better mood as you spend time in your new home. Learning how to set up your home is key to adding to the good energy that can be present in your home.

There is an old technique that attempts to create the best energy in your home. This idea, called Feng Shui, will maximize the good energy in your home and even has the potential to improve your health, but it is only one of many. We share this as a means of stimulating creative thinking in your home decoration.

The key to Feng Shui is balance- balance between colors, how furniture is placed, and the materials used. Balance is not symmetry, however. If everything is completely symmetrical, then it will make the energy of your house fragile and stagnant. Energy needs to be flowing and constantly moving.

What kind of energy do you want in your home? Each room contains a specific energy and it’s up to you to decide what that is.


Lots of Natural Light

If you want to create a feeling of independence and power, use circular, oval and arched shapes. Also, incorporate the color red. When using red, however, do not use too much of it. Use red to accent the room, not for an entire wall. It can throw off the balance of energy and create stress. Another element in creating the energy of leadership is the materials used in the furniture. Mostly use stone, specifically, granite, marble, and flagstone for this. When decorating, use metal, stone, brass, copper, or gold.

Another specific energy you could decide to create is the sense of leadership and healthy emotional interaction between people. Use orange- the color of communication, creativity, enthusiasm, and happiness. When decorating, use artwork that involves natural light, such as sunshine. Also, use the shapes pyramids and cones. The room should have the materials feathers, silk, and wool.

For high-fun energy, use yellow. Yellow is the color of cheerfulness, mental stimulation and light heartedness. Yellow is good for kitchens and playrooms. Do not, however, use yellow in bedrooms. When decorating, use modern art and abstract ideas.

If you want the energy of order and feeling use blue and purple. Blue is the color of belief, loyalty, confidence, and trust, and purple is the color of wealth and nobility. These colors, when integrated, create a sense of calm confidence in the individual. Also, use furniture that is more orderly, such as rectangles and squares. The decor should be ceramic and tile.

Another common energy that is desired is a relaxed environment. Use the color of life, nature, healing, peace, and growth-green. Also use light blues incorporated in the room and use decorations that help with the feeling of life. Water is the most commonly used--an aquarium or fountain is a good option. Use crystals, glass, or mirrors as well.


Backyard Water FeatureLight is an important element in creating the best energy in your home--specifically, natural light. Make sure that all of your windows stay clean and therefore can allow the maximum amount of light to enter your home. Also, if you can, get a sky light to allow more natural light to vertically enter your home.

Another important element is sounds. Each sound in the your home should have significance. Make sure that all sounds create a good energy. Some sounds that can add to good energy is calming and meditative music, running water, or wind chimes. Some common sounds that create a negative energy is a loud air conditioner, a dripping sink, etc. Simply add sounds that create good energy and get rid of, or try to limit, sounds that create a negative energy.

Every sensation adds to the energy of your home. Therefore, each scent should be carefully chosen as well. Get rid of bad smells and add pleasant smelling flowers, light candles, or simply spray a fresh smell throughout the house.

When you are getting your home ready to amplify the best energy, remember not to overwhelm yourself. Like many things, with Feng Shui less is more. Don’t over decorate and all of these ideas don't need to be implemented today. These are simply ideas from one home designing philosophy, play around with what works best for you. As you pay attention to the feel of your home, you will be excited to arrive home, stay there, and invite over people you love.

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