Finding a Builder You Can Trust

If you've decided to build a new home,
you have already made a huge decision. The next step is to find and hire a builder you can trust to create the right home for your family. Choosing the right builder is the most important decision since this is the person that will steer the project to completion. You need to make sure that you trust the builder and that there is quality work standing behind the company. You should ensure there are satisfied customers in the builder's history and not a lot of need for repairs due to sloppy workmanship. If you want to find a builder you can trust, here are a few tips.

First, visit some of the showcases in your area that highlight new homes in the new housing developments. You will be able to see a variety of different builders and their work. One or more might stand out to you and you can use that as a place to start in your quest to find the right builder.

Second, if you have any friends or family members who have built homes recently in the area, ask them who they used and if they were satisfied with the work. Any time you get a recommendation from 
someone you trust, you will bea ble to enter the relationship with the builder with higher expectations. Make sure you ask those making recommendations whether they would use the same builder again or what they valued in that particular builder.

Next, rule out any home builder that is relatively new to the area. Builders should be operating under the same name and have plenty of experience to back them up. You can also contact your local or even the National Association of Home Builders to make sure the people you are considering have a good quality of work and a good standing within the profession as a whole.

Once you have a few names to consider, call the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and check the records of those builders. See if there have been any complaints filed against the builder by any past customers. Ask for the rating from the BBB and never use a builder that has more than a few complaints. If the builders you are considering pass the BBB test you give them, check into their reputations a little further. Ask the builders about home warranties that will guarantee that they will make repairs and changes necessary after the home is complete if you are not happy with all of the details.

Finally, you will need to meet with the various builders and get a feel for their personality and how they would deal with you.

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