From the Boise River to the Mountains: Boise Luxury Homes

Boise is known for being a city with a little bit of everything--within its city limits there are high-rises and acreages with horses. Just because Boise is not as developed as other major Western cities like Seattle or Las Vegas doesn't mean it lacks in top-end real estate. Boise luxury homes are as good or better than you can find anywhere else, with prices that may shock you. Boise and Eagle real estate, where you'll find most of the finest homes, give you tremendous variety, allowing you to personalize your home and make it perfect for you. Below are some of the different types of Boise luxury real estate. Don't forget to search for all your favorite types of Boise luxury homes when you are finished.

Foothills Real Estate 

As you gaze at the breathtaking mountains that rise just above downtown Boise, you see almost a whole community of Boise luxury homes built in the foothills. The views are magnificent, as you can imagine, but don't forget how neat it is to live in a place where you may see deer out of your front window. This natural lifestyle adds to your quality of life and Boise luxury homes in the foothills are still minutes away from broadway shows or shopping. The Eagle real estate market has some homes in the foothills that are just as nice as Boise homes, offering a different style and location. Not only do you have options with the type of luxury home you find, but in its location as well.

Homes Along Golf Courses

If you aren't as interested in nature as you are in golf, there are many Boise luxury homes built on golf courses that you would absolutely love. Eagle real estate also offers great golf course living along Banbury golf course, one of the finest in Idaho. Talk to your realtor to get a feel of which location would suit you best, go look at the homes, and, of course, play the courses. There's not much that's better than riding in your cart over to the clubhouse and playing a quick nine holes before or after work, or sneaking on the green behind your home for some extra chipping practice.

Riverfront Property

Boise doesn't just have nature all around the city, nature runs right through it--the clean, beautiful Boise river goes all through Boise and its suburbs. Boise luxury homes built right along the Boise river give you just one more opportunity for fine living. Boise, Garden City, and Eagle real estate have prime riverfront property in a variety of different neighborhoods. This is a great idea for nature lovers, fishermen, and kayakers.

Historic Boise Homes

Boise, called the "city of trees" by local native americans, has plenty of history. Historic luxury homes, many of which are close to the capitol building downtown, are some of the best-loved Boise real estate. Harrison Boulevard and Warm Springs Avenue, in the North End, are favorite locations for Boise residents to just drive through and look at the homes. Instead of dreaming of living there, you can own your very own piece of history. In addition, these homes are some of the only residences heated by geothermal energy in the world.

There are many other ways to find the perfect luxury house, like having room for a big garden and horses. The Hughes Group, Idaho's finest real estate team, is your Boise and Eagle real estate luxury home buying headquarters. Start searching today!

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