Fun Things to do in Middleton and Caldwell


There is so much to do in the Treasure Valley, and the fun doesn’t stop in Ada County, but continues into counties such as Canyon County as well. Hidden beside big cities like Meridian and Boise are cities like Middleton and Caldwell. There are fun spots to check out in both these cities, and activities take place in these cities year-round as well. To learn more about what you can do for fun in Middleton and Caldwell, check out the following list of activities, events, and destinations within these Canyon County cities:

Go Bowling

A safe bet for a good time is always to go bowling. There are great spots to bowl in Caldwell, and being a few short minutes from Middleton, these spots are popular for Middleton residents as well. The two Caldwell spots are Caldwell Bowl and Talbot Lanes.

Stop by One of the Retro Shops in Caldwell

If you want to take a step back in time or travel through racks of retro toys or games, check out Joe’s Emporium and Another Man’s Treasure in Caldwell, Idaho. These two spots are the place to be. In particular, Joe’s Emporium is flooded with amazing merchandise, and 80s and 90s babies will be happy that there are even Spice Girls dolls and Harry Potter action figures from the early 2000s. At Joe’s, there are records from decades upon decades ago and fun finds for all ages. At Another Man’s Treasure you can find your retro gaming needs with Super Nintendo and N64 games, GameCube and PlayStation games, and much more.

Go to Local Eateries

The Burnt Lemon Grill and Jim’s Burger Den are two great places to eat at in Middleton, Idaho. Caldwell has a lot more variety as it’s a bigger city with a much higher population. Some of the best restaurants to visit in Caldwell are Indian Creek Steak House, Papusas A & J’s, and Imelda’s Restaurant. Indian Creek Steak House specifically has an amazing reputation. People have traveled days for that steak, and they have discount days as well. It has a classic Western atmosphere and has the most delicious steak and scones around. Indian Creek Steak House has been spotlighted in places like The Urban Liaison Magazine and provides a homey feel, with the owner’s family participating in the running of the restaurant. A cute little girl will even greet you and seat you to your table, providing a friendly environment for all ages. However, for the adults, there is a bar downstairs.

Skate Parks

There are quite a few fun places to go in Caldwell to have some fun, but Middleton is a lot smaller. So if you want to do something fun in Middleton, you can go out to eat, go shopping, or go to the skate park. Their skate park is brand new and called Piccadilly Park. It is a popular spot for kids and teens especially. There are skate parks in Caldwell as well, one simply named Caldwell Skate Park and the other named D.A.R.E. Skate Park.

Museums and Historical Sites

In both Middleton and Caldwell there are historical sites to visits, and in Caldwell, there are museums to explore as well. So, if you want to take a step back in time and into Idaho’s rich history, you can visit any or all of the following museums in Caldwell: the Orma J. Smith Museum of Natural History, Our Memories Museum, and the Kiwanis Van Slyke Museum.


If skate parks aren’t your thing and you’d rather take a relaxing trip in a recreational nature park, there are plenty of parks in Middleton and one special park in Caldwell. The popular park in Caldwell is the Indian Creek Park. Holiday lights in the winter drive big crowds to Indian Creek Park each year, but even during the rest of the year, the park is a beautiful and relaxing place to be. Parks in Middleton include the Hawthorne Park, Davis Park, and Roadside Park.

Seasonal Activities

As Idaho changes drastically from one season to the next, there are activities to take part in both all year-round and seasonally. One special seasonal activity is the Valentine’s Day Aviation Tour by Silverhawk Aviation Academy. In both Middleton and Caldwell, there are different seasonal activities to take part in, including holiday tree displays, winter activities, and summer snow cone shacks.

Skydiving is a thrilling experience and one thats much more enjoyable in warmer weather. Whether you enjoy getting into the air or participating as a spectator, Caldwell is an excellent location for skydiving opportunties. Find several companies in the Caldwell and Middleton area that offer their services in helping you cross skydiving off your bucket list. 

If you enjoy a good small town atmosphere and plenty of things to do, visit the area that holds Middleton and Caldwell, Idaho. From summer concerts and snacks to local places to eat and parks to enjoy, you won’t be disappointed in taking time to go to these two great Idaho cities that are often looked over. Especially if you live in the Treasure Valley, turn to Caldwell or Middleton for an inexpensive night out and maybe even a good steak.

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