Boise's Plentiful Golfing Options

Golf Course Early Summer

In the world of sports,
there are many kinds. There is basketball, football, martial arts and more. Among these, the traditional gentleman and gentlewoman sport is golf. This sport has been around forever, standing the test of time. It originated in Scotland, spreading across the globe in the late nineteenth century.

Boise Idaho has some great places to golf--more than even a golfer would realize. The Treasure Valley is a great golfing community because of the many different opportunities varying in size, location, form, price, and functionality. There are both public and private courses throughout the city. If you are here just to visit, you can check out a public one very easily, if you are here to stay, you might consider one of the private, country club courses, but public courses offer memberships that can both lessen the cost and give a community feel, as well. Which ever you like, here are a few highlights of Boise golfing.

1. Quail Hollow Golf Course
This 6,373 yard course is the perfect place for when you are downtown. It can be accessed even if you have a tight schedule, and you just want to hit a couple of balls around. The Quail Hollow Golf Course, operated by the Boise Parks and Recreation Department, has eighteen holes and a par of seventy. It is a semi-difficult course due to the obstacles that challenge players, animals and hills included. The course is nestled right at the base of the foothills and is regularly visited by wildlife. The Quail Hollow Golf Course is also the home of several events: club championships, fall classics, and turkey shoots.

Golf Course in the Fall2. Shadow Valley Golf Course
Just ten miles down the road is Shadow Valley Golf Course. This course has been voted "The Best In The Treasure Valley" for four straight years. There are 72 holes at the Shadow Valley Golf Course and is rated a 69.6. Again, the foothills scenery is refreshing.

3. Pierce Park Greens
This course is little and quaint. It is an excellent place for beginners as it has 9 holes, with a rating of 35 and a par of 27. It is located in Boise off of State Street-- north of Garden City. There are many different events to please every kind of golfer. They have clinics, leagues, lessons and more.

4. Indian Lakes Golf Course
The Indian Lakes Golf Course is a fun course. This nine holer has great fairways, water hazards, and more to add excitement (and hopefully not too much stress!). There is a driving range, putting greens and a pro shop. Indian Lakes is a great place to golf, practice, relax, swim and eat-- swimming pool, bar and grill included. It is located in south Boise near Cole and Amity.

5. Warm Springs Golf Course
This course is another course that is owned and operated by the Boise Parks and Recreation department, near the foothills and downtown. It is well loved for its course offerings and proximity to the Boise River. Warm Springs offers lessons for all ages, has a premium cafe and is even open in the winter (weather permitting, as are many Treasure Valley courses). It's course rating is 70.9 and is a great place to get the full golf experience.

If you like private golf courses, here are a few that you might enjoy:

1. Hillcrest Country Club
The golf course at the Hillcrest Country Club is just one part of the greater clubs facilities. There is also tennis courts, swimming pool, a fitness center and a restaurant. The course, that juts against the Rim near South Boise, is an eighteen hole course that has a par of 72 and a rating of 72.0. The Hillcrest Country Club is located near the corner of Orchard and Overland.

2. Crane Creek Country Club
This country club, like Hillcrest, has a swimming pool, tennis courts and a fitness spa. The course is also eighteen holes, but has a par of 71 and a 70.8 rating. There are three PGA Professional golf instructors to help teach you the ways of golf, or to just help you get better. Crane Creek Country Club is located off Bogus Basin Road just after W. Hill Road.

These are just seven of the golf courses that are in Boise. There are more favorites, and short drive towards the mountains offers more also. Though Idaho is famous for potatoes, it also has plenty of places for you to enjoy a little golf. Search golf homes at


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