Google Search and Zillow Team Up

Google Now Introduced

If you have a new Android based smartphone chances are you’ve seen some of the cool, new features Google has introduced into their mobile search functions. On older versions of Android, Google search was a simple text field where you entered your search query and the results were similar to any that you would get on your computer. Although traditional Google search has produced fantastic results, with the introduction of the Google Now, the technology giant has once again gone above and beyond to provide an innovative tool to their users free of charge. Popular Science magazine was so impressed with Google Now that they named it “Innovation of the Year” for 2012.

Google Now is officially an intelligent personal assistant that uses a natural language user interface to make recommendations, answer questions and perform actions by delegating your requests to their web services. Google Now recognizes repeated actions by a user such as search queries, common locations or calendar appointments and displays timely information to the user based on this data.

For example, if I’ve searched for the Baltimore Ravens using my smartphone in the past, and the Ravens just finished a home game in Baltimore, when I open the Google Search application, the information from the game such as scores and stats will automatically be displayed in the form of a “card” on my phone. This is because Google Now knows I’ve looked up information on the team before and assumes they must be one of my interests. The system leverages Google’s Knowledge Graph project, which is a sophisticated software program used to assemble detailed search results by analyzing their connections and meaning.

Sports scores are just one of the many useful features of Google Now, other cards the application display include weather, traffic, stocks, hotels, movies, local events and more. All this information is customized to you and can be adjusted to your preferences.

Google Now & Zillow

Google Now is a program that is evolving and new features are continuously being added. With the most recent update, Google Now has introduced Zillow real estate listings in the form of a card. When users enter keywords associated with home shopping or make visits to real estate websites, Zillow’s Google Now card will display on their mobile phone and can provide information on homes for sale or open house events nearby. Also when a user visits a listing or an open house, Google will identify their location and display information about the home itself such as price, square footage or number of bedrooms.

With all the great new technology tools available to modern day home shoppers the process is becoming ever easier. Using tools such as online listing search, Google Now and smartphones, the process of buying or selling real estate is less of a headache for everybody involved. Consumers and professionals alike now have technology available to make the house hunting process fun and even more informative. If you’re interested in taking Google Now for a spin, head over the Google Play store and download the Google Search application.

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