Have No Money and Want To Decorate?

Minimally Decorated Living Room

So, you've just moved to here to the Treasure Valley, you are in a new house and you’re not sure how to decorate it. You’re probably wondering how you can make it look nice, without taking a lot of money out of your wallet. Well, never fear, here are a few inexpensive decorating tips for you!

1) Shelve steps

If you are worried about storage on top of decorating you might want to use your bookshelves as part of the decorating. One idea is to take a few short one foot tall shelves and stack them like a staircase then you have a fashionable way to store your things and make your house look great. You can even get those one foot square boxes (or even crates) to do this with. Also, if you don’t want crates you can buy fold-able fabric drawers from Target or Walmart, in any size and color so that your storage possibilities become endless.

2) Books

If you don’t have enough places for your books, you can stack them in different places around your home. You can put them on the coffee table, the entertainment center on shelves, or even pot shelves, you name it! This works really well with older looking books; it gives your home a wiser feeling.

If you want to do more with books, you can run down to your neighborhood thrift shop and pick up a couple of handfuls of inexpensive books to make a side table. To do this, you first arrange the books how you want them to the correct height. Second, you take the book that will be at the bottom (it should be a pretty big book) and super glue the next book on top of it and so on and so forth until you've glued them all together. You can also glue them shut as you are doing this to prevent them from opening.

3) Candles

CandlesCandles are an great way to decorate your home and gives you a little bit more heat and light. You can buy big candles, small candles and everything in between. You can clump your small ones together on a shelf or table, giving you a little island of light. With your big ones, you can put them in your fireplace or on top of a piano or wherever else you feel like. Whether you light the candles or not is your decision; candles are great decorations both ways.

4) Plates

Another thing you should consider grabbing at the thrift shop is a few nice plates. Plates make great wall hangings, bases for candles and more-- you’d be surprised what you can do with a few plates. You can buy wall mounts for plates at any hobby shop or even online. You can arrange them in any way you please.

5) Hanging Gallery

Another simple decoration that you can use is framed pictures. Now, whether you use your own pictures, purchased pictures, or pictures from the internet, there are many low-cost ways to get them. Once you have a few pictures you can hang them above your couch or arrange them on the mantle or wherever you see fit. (Maybe next to the plates.)

6) Paint Lamp Shades

If you pick up an inexpensive or used lamp at the store you can paint the lampshade to give it a different color and feeling. For more light from your lampshade, be sure to paint only a light coat on the shade; for less light, give it a few coats so it looks more solid.

7) Chairs

There are a few fun things you can do with chairs. The first idea you can do is to paint your chairs. You can paint them all the same, or each one different (this will make you kitchen and chairs really pop!) Before you paint them, be sure to sand them down nice and good and make sure to cover, or even remove, the seat if you aren't painting that too.

With the seat you can do a few things with it-- if you haven’t already painted it. One thing you can get a piece of particleboard the size of the previous seat, add some foam to one side and attach it with a fabric of your choice. This can be done by using a staple gun. You ensure that when you buy the material you have enough for an inch or so to wrap under the bottom. Then you staple the fabric to the bottom of the particleboard. Another thing you can do is to use a thin fabric to put over the foam and then add another square of plastic over it-- attaching it the same way. This will make it so you can still see your beautiful new seat, but then, when someone spills something on it, you can easily wipe it clean!

So there you have it: a few good ideas to decorate your new home! Enjoy, and welcome to the Treasure Valley.




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