Libraries Need Not Be Extravagant: They Can Fit in Any Home

After a long hard day or week,
it’s nice to just sit back and read a good book. A book is where you can immerse yourself into a different world and forget your worries, but in our noisy world it's sometimes hard to find a quiet simple place to sit and read. You don’t want to drive all the way to the library, you just want to stay home. That is why, a home library is so nice and useful--a home library where you can store and read your books, a space where you can get away from everything else and really get into your book.

Home libraries are more than just a shelf, it needs to be a place or area in your home dedicated to your books and your relaxation. There are many different styles of home libraries, here are just a few:

The Mansion

The Mansion style is for those of you who have a separate room you can convert into a library. This type can be full of books, or contain just a few books. It tends to have a more sophisticated feel to it. Larger spaces, ornate furniture, coffee tables, the whole deal. This is a dream for many, despite its cost. Historic, leather-bound books can give this fine room the distinguished feel that is sought after.

The Manhattan Apartment

If you don't have so much room, this is for you. So maybe you just have a wall or maybe even just a corner, you can still make this space just for you. Obviously you need the shelves, stuff them full. This will ensure that even though you only have a little space, it makes your collection look complete. It might take a bit of work to find a bookcase that compliments the room exactly, with color and shape, but it will be worth it.

When it comes to furniture you may want to consider a futon or a mushroom chair. That way you can move it around easily if you need that space for something else. Bean bags are also great for these small library types. It gives you a fun, comfortable little bit of your apartment for sinking into a book.

Under the Stairs

So, say you have two stories in your house. If the space under the stairs isn’t already being used, then consider carving yourself out a little nook for your reading. It can be the ultimate hide-out. Of course, this creative idea would be popular with Harry Potter fans.

You can do many different things with this space, you can lie down a bean bag or a long cushion, or a mini chair and table. You can also use different lighting techniques to give off different tones in your little nook. If you keep your books in there as well, it can almost be a secret room where you keep your books and your reading habit under the rug… or stairs. If you want to go the extra mile with this one, you could even make it a secret room. False doors and entrances are very doable these days and can make for a fun, creative library.

The Window Seat

If you have a window that you can use, the window seat is a great library idea. The window seat gives you a comfortable place to relax and gaze out at the surroundings. For your bookshelves, you can either get two tall ones to place on either side of the window. You can also design your seat so that it’s a shelf or two.

The treehouse

A treehouse library is an amazing mixture of adventure and imagination. By putting your home library in a backyard, or frontyard, tree, you will have one of the most envied libraries on the block. Like with all the other options, you have quite a bit of options when designing your tree house library. The main things that you need to remember is that if you store your books or any furniture in the treehouse you will need to waterproof it. Rain or snow will eventually fall on your treehouse and could damage your books. So maybe they would just need to be brought outside individually or in small reading groups.

You will also need to make sure you have all of your other needs for a good library:

1) Food and Drink

If you want to lounge in ultimate comfort, keep a container of snacks hidden in or near your library. Maybe even a case of soda would be good. If you want to be a total professional, get a mini fridge, toaster, coffee maker or whatever appliance and keep it at arm's length.

2) A Comfy Chair

You need a place to rest your body so you will be able to fully enjoy the experience. Pick whatever type of seating that fits you and helps you relax--you only want to read about pain and challenges, not feel them yourself!

3) Shelves or boxes

Obviously, you need somewhere to store your books. Shelves are usually the prefered option. However, you can use boxes or tubs or what ever else you need, just keep them safe.

Go wild on your home library. The possibilities are virtually endless; make it be "you," in addition to fitting in with the feel of the home. Remember: the only real requirement is that you are happy with it.

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