Hot Springs in Idaho

Among the many places to camp in the Idaho mountains, there are also many places to be able to take a soothing soak in a natural mineral bathe- a natural hot spring. In Idaho, there are 340 hot springs that have been discovered. Out of these, there are 130 that are being used by Idahoans to warm up after a crisp, cool hike.

Hot springs have been utilized for generations by weary travelers. Not only does the relaxing water soothes the muscles and relaxes the spirit, it helps improve health as well. The hot springs in Idaho has many natural minerals that aid in wonderful therapy that causes a deep cleansing effect on skin and entire body/ mind system. Scientifically, the minerals in the water, have been known to have therapeutic effects on skin disease and asthma; they also help accelerate healing and improve blood circulation.

Besides health benefits, there are beauty benefits as well. Natural minerals help strengthen hair and nails. It also aids in getting clearer skin, due to the fact that it helps protect against toxins. These minerals also helps prevent the skin from wrinkling and helps reduce wrinkles as well.

Most of the time though, people don’t go to the hot springs for health or beauty reasons. They go to the hot springs to enjoy natures comforting, soothing water while also being surrounded by the beauty that the nature in Idaho has to offer.

There are many available hot springs near Boise, Idaho that are open for everyone to enjoy.

Kirkham Hot Springs

If you’re looking for public hot springs with a friendly environment, Kirkham may be what you are looking for. A two hour drive from Boise, Kirkham hot springs in one of the more popular public hot springs in Idaho. Its safe environment attracts many who want a relaxing time in the soothing mineral water. This natural collection of hot water is next to a river of cool water. The soaking pools have the cold water and the scalding water both enter to form a relaxing place to rest in the pools.  

The hot springs is near the Boise National Forest next to Kirkham campground, which has an elevation of 4,000 feet; it is located next to the South Fork Payette river just east of Lowman, Idaho, along Highway 21.

This campsite has few trees that block the few of the mountains. The sun can be seen coming up over the horizon and brighten the field of wildflowers that dot the landscape. From the campsite, a trail with staircases calmly leads those who want to go down to the steaming pools and stunning waterfalls.

Even in the summertime, these hot pools are used. This is due to the popular attraction of whitewater rafting. After falling into the icy water, there is nothing that feels better than to wash away the chills in the comforting, hot water in the hot springs.

The Springs Resort

The closest main hot springs to Boise is approximately 45 minutes away. Full of history, these hot springs was discovered by the early settlers in the 1800's and was once known as Warm Springs Resort. When it was first in use, these hot springs served as a post office, police station, saloon and overnight stage. It was full of activity and life in the excitement of life in the grand West.

Over the years, however, the hot springs was abandoned and activity and life that was once there was lost. Eventually, the hot springs was closed due to poor upkeep. Recently, however, renovations have transformed the old, discarded hot springs into a chique, popular resort. These renovations were completed February 14, 2013 and the resort is now available for a day of fun, excitement, and relaxation.

The Springs Resort includes a 40’ x 80’ geothermal pool and 16’ hot tub that is kept at about 104 degrees. Also available for unwinding is the steam room and Watsu massage.

“What about food?” you may ask. At this resort, there is a full cafe that is open for fulfilling your needs.

For unlimited entry and exit all day, a personal locker with a key, a private hot springs shower, and a large plush pool towel the resort is only $16 for adult day pass and $8 for children (12 and under).

Pine Flats Hot Springs

Another fun public hot springs is Pine Flats. It is located by the South Fork of the Payette River which is a few miles from Lowman, Idaho. There are several trail heads and campgrounds nearby that can help create a well-rounded trip. There is nothing like having everything readily available to make a perfect time in Idaho’s mountains.

Pine Flats contains multiple sandy pools of water of varying temperatures- Very Hot (104° - 106° F), Hot (102° - 104° F), Slightly Hot (100° - 102° F), Warm (Below 100° F)- that allow everyone the perfect place to relax. Not only is this hot springs practical in use but it also has breathtaking waterfalls that cascade down into the rocky pools below.

Though each hot spring in Idaho is unique, all provide a needed escape from a busy life.

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