How can I remodel my basement on a budget?


Basements are a great addition to a home. If you are considering buying a home with a basement, you can rest assured that it will be worth your while. However, if you are looking to update or remodel your basement right after you move in, you may find yourself in a pickle financially. Buying a house can sometimes zap your savings if the cards don’t play to your favor. So, what are you to do? Well, here we have a few simple remodel ideas and tactics that will help you to get the most bang for your buck when remodeling your basement on a budget.



To start off, we have a few ideas that you can implement no matter what kind of project you are undergoing in the underbelly of your home. These are tips that should, in theory, make your projects easier and or cheaper.

Rent tools

There are quite a few stores here in the Treasure Valley that have rent a tool programs that are much more cost efficient than buying the tools. If you are doing any sort of projects that require the use of anything other than hand tools you should consider this option. If you already have the tools you need, or have a friend or neighbor you can borrow from then this tip may not help you.

Look for discounted hardware/ Shop at thrift stores

Whether it be from a thrift store or the clearance rack at a hardware store, a discounted or reduced priced item can save you a lot of money. If you have never shopped at a discount store like a thrift shop you will be surprised by both the wide variety of things you can buy and the great low prices. Honestly, a lot of thrift stores’ get their merchandise from donations so most of the time you can find some great stuff for really low prices.

Use YouTube

One of the biggest costs involved in doing a remodel (or just a room upgrade) is hiring a professional to come and do the project. Well, thanks to the gift of the internet, we can all save ourselves a lot of money by learning how to do things ourselves online. Now, do not take this to mean that you can do anything as long as you watch an online tutorial; you still need to hire a professional for the more intense things. A good rule of thumb to follow is this: if it involves water or electricity, then you really should highly consider the help of a professional. Some upgrades and repairs in the home can be dangerous, keep that in mind— risking your life is not worth saving a few bucks.

Small Ideas for big results:

Now, there are a few remodeling and renovation tactics you can use to minimize the effort you have to put in and maximize the effect that effort has.


If you really want to change the ambiance of a room without much of a monetary investment you really should look into switching up the lighting. This can be as simple as changing out the lightbulbs or as complex as adding or subtracting light fixtures. If you want the room to seem brighter and warmer, you will want to get yourself some bright lights that are recessed or shaded to keep the light from getting to harsh.

If you want to do this without cutting holes in your ceiling or running new wires, then you can always buy lamps or other light fixtures that can stand or hang on their own. If you need to, look at a thrift store as they usually have lots of fixtures and electronics like these for a low price.


Painting is another inexpensive way to enhance the ambiance of a room. With just a little cash and time you can easily get yourself on your way to a whole new room. There are many great things you can do with even a monochrome scheme for your basement, but if you decide to up your game to a two-tone scheme and maybe even use some painters tape to add designs to your walls, then you are well on your way to an awesome looking basement.

Inexpensive furniture and fixtures

Now, another thing you can do is to invest in some inexpensive furniture or fixtures. These can be coffee tables, ottomans, storage shelves, and much more. You can also get lamps, bean bag chairs, or second-hand couches from the thrift store.

Themes that don’t cost a lot:

There are dozens of themes that you can do in your basement that are quite cost effective. Normally we would add something like an entertainment lounge to this list, however, the cost of TVs, projectors, game consoles, and so can be quite expensive.

A Basement Library

A library is a great way to use your basement space for little cost. All you would need to do is pick up a couple of shelves or bookcases from a thrift or discount store, a few nice lounge chairs or beanbag chairs and you are in business. And then, you can easily enjoy a nice afternoon in the cool of your basement reading your favorite book, magazine, or comic. (You might consider hiding some snacks down there as well so you don’t have to go upstairs every time you get hungry.)

A Basement Office

If you work from home, a basement office might be a great way to use that extra space. This can be accomplished simply by procuring a desk and a chair (and whatever else you need for your job). The great thing is that if you decide to do this option, then usually your business can pay for it. Be sure to have a do-no-disturb sign, some snacks, and drinks.

Hobby Space

Do you have any hobbies that take up a bit of room? What about hobbies and projects that take a time and can’t be put away at the end of the day just to be unpacked the next morning? If this is something that you have experienced then you might want to convert your basement into a hobby room. Say you like quilting. Once you have everything up to put it all together, you have to finish it before you take it down. Now, there are some methods of storing it but it would always be much easier to just leave it the way it is. The same goes with woodworking and any other hobby for that matter.

If you like to lift weights, do the stationary bike, practice yoga, or practice a martial art, then a studio basement for these hobbies would be great.


Lastly, there is the storage space. Basements are great for storage. All you need is a couple of shelving units and you are ready to roll. If you like to keep food storage, knickknacks, or anything else that needs a lot of storage space, the basement could be your best bet. In fact, if you wanted to make some money off your basement, you could just offer it up to rent out to people— for storage, not living space; that would take way more money and time.

In your quest to make the perfect basement on a budget, be sure to check out online stores like ebay or Amazon as you can usually find good deals on things there as well. Keep looking for ideas also as these are only a portion of what you can do.

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