How to Buy a Custom Home

Why a Custom Home?

If you want a home that is exactly what you want in every way, your best option is a custom home. Custom Boise homes are built to your specifications with every detail you want are put into place-everything is just how you want it. There are many things you will have to consider in order to buy such a home, including many different decisions and considerations. In some ways, buying a custom home is more work since you have so many decisions to make, but on the other hand, you will get just what you want in the end so it will be worth it. Here are just a few of the decisions you will need to make before the custom home process is finished.


The first thing you will have to do is select and buy the land where you want your custom home to be built. It is important that you find an area that you really love and can see yourself being happy there. This is where your agent can really be a big help.

Hire a builder

Next, you will need to find a construction team. You might want to walk through some of the model homes in the surrounding areas and see if any of the floor plans stand out to you. You can fully customize your floor plan, or you can go with a combination of plans that others have already built. By looking at model homes, you will get an idea of the quality the builders put into their work and you will be able to select one that fits your standards.

Floor Plans

Once you have a builder lined up, you will work with that builder to create a floor plan that fits your lifestyle and needs as well as the land you have purchased. If you want a walk out basement, you will need to make sure the plot of land you have purchased can accommodate that type of home. Work out the set up and measurements of every room within the house and the builder will be able to give you a price estimate on the finished home.

Interior and Exterior Details

Since you are building a custom home, you will get to pick each and every detail! That means the exterior and interior paint colors, the flooring, the lighting, the countertops and everything in between. The hardest part about these choices is making sure they all go together well. Some builders have interior designers on staff to advise you on the options. Others allow you to do it on your own or hire someone outside their company to help. You will want to make sure that the items not only go together, but will also fit with your furniture.

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