Why Our Agents Go All Out For Clients

Katrina PomerleauYour Boise Real Estate Agent is a human being, not a machine.  You may think of them as all being the same, but they are individuals who help others and appreciate and reward clients that respect them.  They are bound by a code of conduct to treat you well.  Perhaps clients should sign a similar code of conduct for how they work with their agent, with these polite suggests included.

Pick your agent and be committed to them.  They will see you all the way through until you've sold or bought a home in Boise.  They put time and effort into helping you without a guarantee of reward, so be as loyal to them as they are to you.  They are a reputable professional.  Would you want someone to trust your expertise in your job?  Boise real estate agents know what they are talking about.  Don't be afraid to listen to them and follow their suggestions.

Before heading to search for homes, get pre-qualified.  It makes it much simpler if this step is done before meeting with your agent.  Being pre-qualified allows your Boise Real Estate Agent to look at homes within your price range saving you time and frustration.  It is also very useful in showing your agent and buyers or sellers that you are "for real."

Be very specific in telling your agent just what you have in mind in your home purchase.  Brainstorm together, but don't leave anything unsaid.  You wouldn't take off to vacation without a destination or bake a cake without knowing what ingredients to use.  Likewise, if you want a house you absolutely love that fits your needs; you need to define them.  Do you want a single-level or two-story?  How many bedrooms?  What side of town would be best?  Do you need space for an R.V. or a pool?  Would you prefer hardwood floors, granite countertops, or a big backyard?  There are many different options and your agent wants to know what will please you.

Be considerate.  So, something came up and you aren't going to be able to make an appointment that you set with your Boise Real Estate Agent.  They understand that unforeseen problems arise, but just make sure and let them know beforehand.  Not only is this courtesy, but it shows the agent that you respect their time and what they are doing for you.  This goes a long way in getting all the help your Boise Real Estate Agent can give you.  Be in contact with them whenever you have a conflict or any question.

These simple tips are not exhaustive, but allow you to get the picture of how to build a great relationship with your Boise Real Estate Agent.  It is the common sense of how to treat people right, but it is important and easy to forget.  As long as they are treated respectfully, you will get nothing but amazing service from your Real Estate Agent.

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