Guest Blog: How to Win at Real Estate by Biting the Bullet

There are so many variables in real estate that for any agent doing 20+ transactions a year it is never boring.  Some of the most bizarre situations and life events and personalities keep Boise realtors on their toes.  You're dealing with peoples' lives.  They are in transition--some happy and some tragic.  They come from a plethora of cultures and backgrounds and you have to learn to work effectively with each individual person.  Bring emotions and strong personalities into the transaction or the hunt and you never know what you're going to find, but there are strategies for success.

Example: Wrightsville Beach Scenario 

The guest writer at, Jay Seville observed, "You just need to bite the bullet and lose sometimes if you really want to win."  For example, you're buying a Wrightsville Beach or Boise home that's listed for $550,000 you might make an offer depending 505,000 and perhaps have a seller subsidy besides.  After negotiating for the entire business week you're at $521,000 net and the seller is digging in at $526,000.   Here's where the emotions and life situations and personalities kick in--sometimes powerfully so.   Are you going to focus on winning the negotiation battle or are you going to make winning the real estate "war" the priority--the war is getting the right home that fits you and that you're not likely to find again for months.  Bite the bullet--lose the negotiation battle at the end and get your new Boise HOME!

Running the numbers on a home for sale

With 15% down the monthly payment would be $2050 with a 3.75% rate if you won the battle for a $521,000 price.   If you bite the real estate bullet for a $526,000 price the payment is $2070.   So for $20/month is it worth the chance of offending the Seller and extending the negotiating for few extra days?  Remember it could be months to find another that works for your family or has the view you want.  You would likely lose that $5,000 in the total cost of searching for months anyway.  This is especially the case with Boise historic homes or any type of one-of-a-kind dream home.  Real estate in some top-notch neighborhoods just doesn't come on the market very often.  Bury your ego, bit the bullet and WIN at Boise real estate. Believe it or not some people choose to lose.  But usually they learn from it.

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