Idaho Botanical Garden

 Boise River

Idaho is well known for its beautiful vegetation. Whether it be the grey sagebrush of the Snake River plain, or the lodge pole pines of the Sawtooth Mountain Range, Idaho’s diverse vegetation holds a place in the hearts of every Idahoan. As entertaining as it is to travel around this great state and visit all of its gorgeous landscapes, however, it would be a great challenge to try to see all of Idaho’s plant life within a reasonable time frame. But do not dismay, the Idaho Botanical Garden center (IBG) has got you covered. Located near downtown Boise, Idaho, this large and ever expanding garden center showcases a wide range of Idaho’s natural plant life in addition to unique plant species from across the world. When cruising the gardens feel free to check out some homes in Boise Idaho close by to enjoy the gardens year round.


The IBG was an idea brought forth by the botanist, Christopher Davidson. He founded a small board of directors in 1984 whose mission was to bring attention to horticulture, conservation, and gardening. The first version of the gardens was laid out and planted in 1990. In 2010 the gardens went under extensive renovation and is currently leased on 33 acres of land near the Boise Idaho foothills.


Botanical GardenThe IBG features themed gardens. In addition to displays of native Idaho vegetation, the gardens include plot themes from all around the world. If you are interested in fireproofing your house, the IBG has excellent examples of fire resistant trees, bushes, and shrubs that you can invest in to protect your home. If fireproofing does not intrigue you, take a relaxing stroll through the Celtic labyrinth that will lead you to its center and back out again. For a look at the spices you use every day in your kitchen, in addition to those used in ancient medicines and cosmetics, tour the herb garden. You may be surprised at how diverse the plant life represented in your home really is.  If you would rather just sit down and spend a few minutes in the sun, find yourself a corner in the Meditation Garden where you can look out on the city of Boise Idaho. The gardens also feature an outdoor art gallery with works by recycled materials artist, Amber Conger. These features and gardens contribute to an enriching outdoor experience for viewers of all walks of life.


The IBG in Boise Idaho also regularly hosts community and private events. At the beginning of the warm season, the IBG sells a wide range of vegetation for garden enthusiasts across the valley. So, if a fireproof bush or a delicate flower caught your eye, you have the opportunity to try out your green thumb in your own gardens. The IBG is home to carnivals, wine tastings, outdoor movies, fundraisers, harvest events, concerts, and a wide variety of seasonal activities for your enjoyment. Perhaps the most famous of these is the annual Winter Garden aGlow event, which takes place during the winter holiday season. During this period, up to 270,000 tiny sparkling bulbs light up the chilly air, providing a beautiful night time winter view of Idaho’s Botanical Gardens. If you happen to live in or around Boise Idaho, the IBG is a great place to relax and enjoy the outdoors, whether it be in solitude or with your community.

 Boise Foothills at SunsetIn addition to those events, the IBG is able to be reserved for private events such as weddings, work meetings or parties, and Winter Garden aGlow tent rentals. This provides a unique and undeniably beautiful venue for your life’s big milestones.  


If all of that was not enough, the IBG also provides educational opportunities for students of any gardening skill. Learn how to nurture a garden of your own in the Master Naturalist Program, grab a packet of seeds in the IBG gift store, and set off on your own horticultural adventure. If that seems just a bit too intense for you, self guided tour pamphlets teach you about the vegetation you can observe as you walk around the gardens.

Boise, Idaho is a fantastic place for those who love to learn. With access to gardens such as the Idaho Botanical Gardens that feature miniature ecosystems from across the globe and opportunities to relax and enjoy the outdoors, the community enjoys a high quality of living. Check out listings in Boise Idaho to see if places like the IBG could feature in your day to day life.

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