Idaho Botanical Garden and Julia Davis Rose Garden

In our hectic, money filled lives, it's hard to find time to reconnect with the world, to reconnect with nature. If you are looking for such a chance, to enjoy the beauties of nature here in Boise Idaho, look no further than the Idaho Botanical Garden. This 33 acre garden is located near the old Boise Penitentiary up near the mesa and Table Rock and offers an amazing view of the Treasure Valley.

The Garden's original board of directors was organized in 1984 by Christopher Davidson and was built to help give the community a greater appreciation for the beauties of nature. The founders believed that it was good for the community to have an understanding of plant care and preservation. With this goal, the Garden has flourished in its nearly thirty years in operation. Many residents and visitors to the Boise Area have found joy in visiting the Garden grounds and touring it's majestic crop.

The Botanical Garden is covered in many diverse kinds of flowers, shrubs and trees with paths that spider around and over the grounds. The four sections of the acreage house has different themes and atmospheres for a new kind of experience at every turn. The Botanical Garden, though, is not just for enjoyment and profit, it is a place to learn as well. There are classes and tours that are meant to do just what the founders had hoped: educate the community in matters of botany. The goal of preserving and conserving rare and endangered plant species has been made possible through the Botanical Garden.

Aside from plants and classes, the Botanical Garden also has a fantastic art gallery. Unlike a traditional art gallery, it's an outdoor gallery. Sculptures and steel cuttings add beauty to the already beautiful vegetation. Congruent with Boise's usual desire to "go green", some of the Garden's sculptures are even made of recycled metal by a local artist.

Due to the beauty of the Botanical Garden, many people hold private events, including weddings, on the Garden grounds. The natural atmosphere of the Garden helps to add a special atmosphere to any event. The staff and grounds are equipped to handle nearly any idea you may have.

The Garden is also home to many different public events. From art lessons and shows to musical concerts, the Idaho Botanical Garden has it all. Whether there's rain or shine, whether it's warm or cold, winter or summer there is something to for everyone to enjoy.

During the months of July and September, every Friday Night the Botanical Garden hosts an event called "Movie in the Garden." On these nights in the Garden, a movie is shown. Starting at the approximately dusk, a movie is shown on a large, drive-in style screen. A local grill is also present to give you the ultimate summer movie experience.

All the proceeds from the movie events goes to Botanical Garden to fund their many classes and tours. You not only do you get a night of fun, but get to help out too.

One of the most illustrious events the Botanical Garden has to offer is the Winter Garden aGlow. In the spirit of the winter season, the Garden staff decorate the grounds with hundreds of thousands of lights. Again on the Botanical Garden Website, you can enjoy plenty of good food, listening to choir music from various groups, like the Bora High School Choir and the local Girl Scouts, and meet the big man himself, Santa Claus.

Almost everyone who has visited the Winter Garden aGlow has raved about how amazing the experience is. Between the dazzling lights, the model trains, the music and the food, the winterized garden will surely be a must see spectacle this year.

As amazing as the Botanical Garden is, it would not be what it is if it weren't for the volunteers who help keep it together. There are many places where help is needed. At every event, whether it's Movies in the Garden or Bug Day, Winter Garden aGlow or any of the other special events, the Garden is happy to accept, and is in need of, volunteers. If you want an opportunity to help your community, you have the chance to volunteer at the Botanical Garden. If you're worried that you might get stuck doing something you would rather not do, don't fret, there are a variety of positions up for grabs.

So whether you are looking for more knowledge about plants, looking for a good time, or just hoping to give back, the Idaho Botanical Garden is the place for you. Stop in and experience the majesty.


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