Idaho Falls, ID

Idaho Falls, ID

The city of Idaho Falls sprawls out alongside the rolling hillsides lining the Upper Snake River Valley. The Snake Waterway complements the delightful landscapes of Idaho Falls as it clears a path through downtown, cascading over spectacular waterfalls and creating a visionary destination for visitors and residents alike enjoying the Idaho Falls Greenbelt; one of the most visited destinations within the city limits. One of the top points of Idaho Falls is the warm welcome upon arrival, making the city a commonsense spot to visit, live, work and play. Idaho Falls accepts the spotlight as a center point for visitors and folks who call the region home; a large group of regional conveniences, new and established real estate options, competitive business markets, natural resources, diverse activity choices year-round, and all-year indoor and outdoor entertainment options are available for the choosing.

As Idaho Falls sits at 4,730 feet in elevation, it can be expected to receive around 39 +/- inches of snowfall each year, with the national average weighing in at approximately 28 inches per year. Be sure to check out the plethora of activity options, including live music, eateries, movie theaters, event centers, arcades, vendors, holiday bazaars, parades, community events, museums, the zoo, shops and boutiques, outdoor shows, races, concerts, sports, golfing, and perhaps live comedy shows, especially if having fun within a controlled climate is more in line with preferred activities. Sunny days are not hard to come by in Idaho Falls, averaging around 201 sunny days per year and about 12 +/- inches of rain annually. Four unmistakable seasons are interwoven as part of the Southeastern region of Idaho and draw in numerous occasional outdoor activity opportunities, whether it be skiing or fishing widely acclaimed waterways like Henry's Fork. The most astonishing aspect of living in a area with four seasons is a decent blend of climate to appreciate, supplemented by a wide assortment of activities consistently! A fluffly or packed white snowfall is logical when planning for the cold weather apparal or traveling during the colder months. Be sure to pack all the snow toys, gear, and  However, continuing the fun might include, as there is a lot of indoor entertainment options such as escape rooms, wine tasting, modern bowling, galleries, breweries, sporting centers and open-air fun to be had all year!

Idaho Falls is best known for retaining its small-town charm while embracing the title of the third-largest metropolitan area and the fifth-largest city in Idaho. While surrounded by landmarks, destination hot spots, mountains, lakes, and a tremendous amount of natural resources, the Snake River Valley presents a solid foundation for success across the board. Reports by POLYCOM Corporation give the area the second most robust metropolitan economy in Idaho; Idaho Falls continues to strive for the lead in business and economic development and proves to be a top industry competitor. The value of such an esteemed placement rests mainly in a combination of strengths, including financial stability and consistency of growth. Idaho Falls is home to industry front runners and top employers such as Busch Agricultural Resources Inc, Walmart, Albertsons, Target, Idahoan Foods, Basic American Food, Walker Produce, Golden Valley Natural Food, and Melaleuca, Inc., to name a few. Other business sectors include INL Contractors (Battelle Energy Alliance, Idaho Cleanup Project, Idaho Treatment Group), North Wind Group, Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center, Mountain View Hospital, Eastern Idaho Technical College, and a wealth of additional contributors as new businesses are entertaining the market. Newer developments, businesses, and complexes opening to the public offer residents a wealth of options when choosing local providers, distributors, and services.

At the heart of Idaho Falls are the community, residents, and businesses that create a welcoming atmosphere and assist in laying the foundation for developments, subdivisions, and overall area growth. As of 2017, the population of Idaho Falls was around 61,076 residents, give or take, with a surge in the population recently adding to the totals. Idaho Falls developments and real estate are highly sought after, as the combination of area strengths make this destination and the opportunities within hard to pass by for new businesses, corporations, and homeowners looking to relocate. Idaho Falls boasts a substantially low crime rate of 22.7, ranking the city as 36% safer than other cities across the United States.

Idaho Falls is renowned for holding the title of the third-biggest metropolitan in the region and the fifth-biggest city in Idaho. POLYCOM Organization reports the city as the second most grounded metropolitan economy in the province of Idaho; Idaho Falls keeps progress the priority and successfully drives the business and financial area market. The core of Idaho Falls is the local area and the occupants that make up this great city. Idaho Falls land is exceptional and highly desirable to newcomers, as the mix of regional qualities makes a move to a new area challenging to pass by. Idaho Falls lures visitors with its magnificence and a large degree accounting for the prime Idaho Falls land and real estate market. The region's overall success is due in part to the solid market consistently proving itself in various challenging markets; and drawing in a partition of the area's success from the tourism sector.

Four distinct seasons are inherent in Southeastern Idaho and attract many seasonal activities, whether skiing or fishing in world-renowned rivers such as Henry's Fork. The best part of living in a region with four seasons is a balanced combination of weather to enjoy, complemented by a wide variety of things to do throughout the year! A festive wintry white snowfall is likely, though this does not mean you have to stop the fun, as there is plenty of indoor and outdoor enjoyment to be had year-round! From sledding the foothills, sleigh rides, and skiing in the colder months to rafting, fishing, trail trekking, off-roading, photography, birding, air sports, boating, and taking part of pleasant weather conditions outdoors; there is something fun for everyone to enjoy.

Visitors to the valley are primarily attracted to the various in-town and surrounding hot sports destinations. For instance, the falls downtown are the main attraction in addition to the Saturday Farmer's Market (with fresh produce, live music, gifts and trinkets, art, goodies & desserts, meats, and more!), downtown shops, various dining options, holidays activities, and lights, riverside park with river views, and nearby greenbelt. Various in-town golf courses are an excellent warmer weather activity, and hordes of community park options, trails, and sporting activities. Lava Upper Trail, St. Anthony Sand Dunes, Camas National Wildlife Refuge, Atomic City, Blacktail Reservoir, EBR-1, Craters of the Moon National Monument & Preserve, and the Snake River are a few reasons visitors flock to the area! Idaho Falls makes a mid-day stop or overnight stay if making your way through the area when visiting surrounding destinations, as the city boasts excellent hotels, motels, RV campsites, cabin rentals, and more! Of course, many passerbyers on the way to the Tetons or Yellowstone National Park stop in to check out what the city has to offer. Stop by and check out some of all the Idaho Falls area has to offer! 

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