Idaho is Slipping, Sliding & Sledding!

Accelerate into Idaho Winter Fun

White snow glistens on the branches of towering pine trees and the muffled crunch of snow beneath your feet fills your ears. Under one arm you tow a lightweight sled. Your breath puffs out in white clouds and the chilly air stings your nose. You finally stop, at the top of a steep slope. Below you is a long, white slide smoothed by the passage of your fellow sledders. You adjust your sled so that it is perfectly aligned with the trail, suck in a deep breath, and take off!

Idaho has glorious winters. It’s high elevation and mountain slopes catch the snow, making for excellent snow sporting. Boise is one of many cities that is great for winter sports. Although the Treasure Valley itself doesn’t receive extensive snowfall, the foothills and mountains nearby it do. Well maintained roads also connect Boise neighborhoods to these excellent sledding destinations.

Bogus Basin

Boise’s main winter sports center is the ski resort, Bogus Basin. The origin of the name is based on a story of a few con artists in the 1800’s who made money by advertising fake gold they had “found” in the same place as the current Bogus Basin recreation area. They sold shares to ambitious prospectors and disappeared. Shortly after the prospectors realized that they had been swindled the area was converted into a ski basin. Although skiing and snowboarding are the main attractions at Bogus Basin, there is also an 800 foot tubing hill, complete with a towing cable. This hill is available to people who enjoy sledding and tubing over skiing, and is more friendly than the physically demanding ski slopes.


A few hours north of Boise is the resort town of McCall, which sports a large tubing hill. A part of the Activity Barn in McCall, this attraction is complete with four different slides and a tow cable. When you are finished tubing, drive into the picturesque town of McCall to enjoy the handcrafted ice sculptures that feature in McCall’s yearly Winter Carnival and  a cup of hot cocoa in one of their many cozy cabins.

Mountain Sledding

There are extensive mountain highways that lead to towns such as McCall, Idaho City, and Stanley, most of which are readily accessible just a short drive from most Boise homes. Many roads branch away from these main highways toward camping parks, cabins, and hot springs. In the winter these roads provide access to excellent sledding slopes such as Grimes Creek. Most of them are unnamed, but very popular, such as the sledding park off of Highway 21 on the way to Idaho City or the hills just past Lucky Peak Lake. The roads leading to these places are regularly plowed and monitored by state park employees, helping to ensure a safe experience for the all. 

Whether you like sledding in a manicured park such as Bogus Basin and the Activity Barn or in gorgeous wooded seclusion off of Idaho’s mountain highways, Boise’s proximity to these beautiful & entertaining locations make it one of Idaho’s best places to live.

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