Idaho's Charming Bedroom Communities

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Boise is the population hub of Idaho, and anchors the state's fastest growing cities – Meridian and Nampa. In fact, many of the smaller cities that make up the Treasure Valley are also experiencing an unbridled momentum in population growth, including Eagle, Kuna, Star, and Middleton. While these smaller cities often dwell within Boise's shadows, they are catching the attention of home buyers who are looking to live a comfortable, small city life without having to give up quick access to the amenities that Boise has to offer. These so called bedroom communities carry their own unique advantages and personalities, and add charm to a long list of benefits the people of Boise Idaho have come to enjoy.

No matter who you ask or where you turn, you'll find people swearing up and down that living in a small town is the best way to go, yet others maintain that nothing tops out life in the big city. A topic of constant division, one thing that can be agreed upon in almost all circles is that there are advantages to each lifestyle. But what really makes the smaller city living around Boise so attractive to so many people is the near equal balance between quiet neighborhood life (or countryside) and the important amenities offered only by the large city. So, why not have the best of both worlds? You can – especially in the Treasure Valley.

Well Planed NeighborhoodBedroom communities are generally defined as suburban neighborhoods that offer small town amenities in proximity to larger cities. The appeal of big city living is prevalent among so many people – and often necessary – but when life events change priorities, many people long for the simplicity of small town living. The good news is that there's a solution for those who still crave that occasional night out on the town but want to leave all the hustle and bustle behind during the week. The solution are bedroom communities, those that are close enough to drive to the city, yet far enough to retain all the qualities necessary to be a small town. Bedroom communities are also known as commuter towns.

Common Traits of Bedroom Communities – Unlike larger cities that have a combination of residential areas, businesses, shopping and other amenities, bedroom communities are primarily residential, and may offer a few basic shopping needs and other conveniences for its residents. They generally do not support their own industry.

Residents of all types are found in bedroom communities, whether they live in bustling households or alone. But one thing that is common to many households in commuter towns is that individuals drive to the nearby large city for work.

A common sight in these communities consist of single family homes in neighborhoods and cul-de-sacs among several different subdivisions.

Often times, suburbs and bedroom communities are the same place, but not always.

Bedroom communities began cropping up in the post World War II era as Americans moved away from cities and into the suburbs. Arising from the concept that residents from bedroom communities only sleep there while spending their waking hours working elsewhere, these areas surround major metropolitan communities across America. Many of the small towns that surround Boise, Idaho are considered bedroom communities. The Boise City Nampa Idaho Metropolitan Statistical Area, or the Treasure Valley, is a big place. It covers much of the state's western portion – including Eagle, Kuna, Star, Middleton, Melba, Wilder, Emmett, and Parma – plus many more unincorporated areas and tiny towns with fewer than a thousand inhabitants.

Sawtooth Middle SchoolPeople choose to buy their homes in bedroom communities because of the ease of commuting to the big city to either work or enjoy the plentiful amenities, but to also submerge in the small town life. Bedroom communities oftentimes have high quality schools with a better teacher to student ratio. They oftentimes boast much lower crime rates, and the cost of living can be substantially lower. Price tags on real estate deep in the city can get astronomical, while homes outside the city might be larger and more affordable than those found deep in the big city.

One of the biggest trade offs to living in a bedroom community is the commute to work. For example, commuters from bedroom communities who live in New Jersey and catch the train into New York can face up to two hours a day traveling. These, however, are not commute times folks in the Treasure Valley face. Commuters from Nampa to Boise might spend fifty minutes in the car round trip – but as an average, commute times around Boise hover below twenty minutes.

Boise's most popular bedroom communities include Eagle, Kuna, and Star. These communities have between ten and thirty thousand residents, and have grown exponentially in the last twenty years. Close to Boise and Nampa, these towns attract people for the same benefits listed above, such as larger homes at a more affordable price. Commute times are more than doable, and residents of these towns enjoy the same outstanding features that those who live within Boise's city limits do.

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