Idaho's Majestic Mountains

Few things on this planet can evoke the same feeling of wonder and awe that you get from checking out the tippy top of a mountain peak. Enjoying the ocean laid out in front of you or standing at the bottom of an enormous waterfall might come close to matching just how incredible it is to experience an impressive range of mountains stacked up against you. Though really, they are nothing when compared to the age-old leftover of so much tectonic action that the earth literally shot up into the sky and left a massive monument to the event. This is one of the reasons Idaho is such an incredible state. A significant part of the state is fairly flat with some simple rolling hills and plains, but the rest is breathtaking in its scope and elevation. Idaho is a land of mountains and if you have even the slightest interest in them, I would highly recommend you give the state a visit but let me first give you some idea of what you can do with these mountains. With something so massive set out before you, it can be hard to make a decision, so let me give you some options.

For something that is simple and that most Idahoans are excited to do but which does not break any records for thrilling excitement, mountains make a great place for skiing and the Idaho mountains are particularly great for it (Not or any other reason than they are just some darn good mountains). Idahoans are keenly aware of this fact and have taken measures to make sure that everyone else can learn it or if not a similarly fun activity. Those measures come in the form of a ski resort on pretty much every mountain in the state. Of course, that is a pretty big exaggeration, but there are so many ski resorts in Idaho that it is hard to keep track and most of them are very good at what they do. If you have never been skiing before, Idaho is a great place to get started and if you are an experienced skier that has just never given Idaho a chance before, now is the time to get started (Of course, by now I meant the next time winter rolls around.

But really, the penultimate thing that can be done with a mountain is to climb it. Why would you climb a mountain? For those of you who might ask that question seriously I have but one answer for you: Because it is there! That is pretty much the only excuse any mountain climbers need to climb a particular mountain. Mountain climbing is not easy, though. There are forms of mountain climbing that can be fun while also being easily accessible like a smooth and gradual trek that goes up and up and into the mountains, but that is not really mountain climbing. Mountain climbing involves ropes and crampons and climbing buddies and a bunch of stuff to make sure you do not fall off the side of the mountain. For some people, even that is too easy. A very select few people are brave enough to free climb mountains without any equipment to keep them from falling to their death. That is definitely for the more advanced mountain climber but if you really want to you can work up to that point.

If you want to do your mountain climbing but keep a high speed while you are at it, mountain biking is another way to go. You can glide over the rocks and dirt on your way through the tree-covered mountains and have a great time. You might not be doing some serious climbing when it comes to elevation, but you can still get into some interesting spots and find some great views over the surrounding area. Again, even though you are not hanging off the edge of a rock, mountain biking is a sport that requires a certain amount of skill and experience to do right in tricky situations. You are not going to be able to jump right into the hardest trails on the most dangerous mountains. It will take some time to get used to what you are doing before you can start doing the really tricky stuff on a regular basis. Otherwise, you may crash your bike when you inevitably come up against terrain you are not ready to handle and mistakes can happen.

Of course, maybe the best thing you can do with a mountain is just sit back and enjoy it. Mountains are impressive enough that you can probably spend hours just enjoying them, picking out the little details like where the trees stop being hardy enough to hold on to, the side of the mountain, an eagle soaring over head or where the snow starts to pool in little ravines and cracks. One of the coolest things there is to check out is a barren, black and brown mountain one day that is covered in snow the next. The change is so drastic and quick and may leave you slack-jawed, taking in all of the beauty you can handle. So, you do not really have to do anything in or around the mountains to enjoy them. Skiing, climbing, and biking are fun, and you should try them according to what you think you are capable of but do not feel pressured to do anything like that. Just enjoy mountains for what they are. Marvels of nature that have been there for thousands of years and, barring a major catastrophe, will be there for thousands of years more.

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