Invisible Renovations: Not Enough to Wow Your Buyers

In preparing to sell your home you may think that a good investment on your part would be to ensure that the internal aspects of your home are functioning well. What is better than a fully revamped water heater? Or windows that insulate so well that your utility bills remain low regardless of how cold it is outside? You may be surprised when your invisible renovations do not impress a potential buyer, even with the promise of such comforts.

What is an Invisible Renovation?

Invisible renovations are improvements in structural aspects of your house. This includes, but is not limited to, rewiring your home, replacing roof tiling, or installing new insulation. Improvements such as these lower utility billing, increase efficiency, and ensure daily functionality.

Why Don’t Buyers Like Them?

The plain truth is that buyers are going to assess the visible appeal of the home first. Then, if they like that, they will delve into the nitty gritty internal issues of the home. It is not so much that buyers do not want these excellent qualities, but the fact that most of them aren’t going to notice them right away. Sure, your realtor can tell them all about the new insulation, but if the kitchen looks shabby it does not matter how much you invested in it. Buyers like homes that have good curb appeal, so your singular investment in invisible renovations will not significantly increase the home’s value and as a result you could end up losing money. No one will pay top dollar for a home they think is ugly. A shiny new paint job, a well manicured lawn, and a caulked and finished bathroom are more likely to interest the buyer. After your glossy hardwood floors have wowed the buyer, you can start telling them about the money-saving features you have recently installed.

Bridging the Gap

So, how are you supposed to reconcile these two important aspects of home realty? You could invest only in the superficial parts of the home, sell it, and hope that you do not get pulled into a lawsuit when the basement floods and the walls cave in. Or you could pour thousands of dollars into renovations, and not get any reward for your hard work. Neither of these options really appeal, as they ensure satisfaction for neither you nor your buyer. The best option for you would be to pay attention to your invisible renovative needs, and improve the cosmetic appeal in those locations. If you are replacing the sheetrock in your living room, considering spicing up the space with a new paint job. Replacing the plumbing in your bathroom? Install some new tiling; your bathroom is already turned inside out. Small external changes to a room can make a massive difference in its visual appeal.

While buyers will appreciate your invisible renovations after they have lived there for a while, they first need to live there a while. If your house lacks pizzazz, no one will pay you for your investment. It is essential to catch their attention while they are in the purchasing mode. Tweaking visible aspects of your home in addition to invisible features ensure that both of you will be satisfied.

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