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Nestled within the Teton Valley of Fremont County rests the community of Island Park, boasting a population of over 300 residents with various styles and types of homes scattered throughout the region.


Phenomenal reviews make mention of the luxurious year-round rentals available for short and long-term use depending on the length of the visit or stay. Generally, there are vast spaces between neighbors except for some homes. Then, of course, drawing nearer to the main downtown thoroughfare, many residents live within closer proximity.

Visiting the Island Park region may lead to a lifetime of memories! Discover homes of nearly all designs, styles, and surroundings- from classic styles to abodes with a more modern appeal; and do not forget location as there are, of course, houses close to downtown amenities. Find dwellings within the mountains closer to nature and surrounded by forest pines! Whether choosing to visit or stay long term, there is undoubtedly something for everyone to enjoy, including overnight stays, cabin rentals, cozy nooks to exquisite homes ready to delight.


Surrounding the comfortable lifestyle of northwestern living, Fremont County terrain brags a beautiful mixture of forest pine (predominantly located within locations of higher elevation), xerophytes (desert shrubs), and ground cover dotted throughout.


The topography of the Island Park region is similar to that of parts of eastern Europe and Russia, with much the same climate and vegetation with various minor differences. Quite a few popular destinations within the Targhee NF, Fremont County, and Island Park consist of locations ready for outdoor fun! Due to the variety and uniqueness within the vast territories, the options for a mix of indoor and outdoor activities within various surroundings are mainly available for maximum enjoyment while visiting.

From Idaho Falls to the Island Park sit a host of destination hot spots, including protected wildlife centers and designated viewing locations, as well as reserves, birding trails, parks, and refuges ideal for a visit. If there are no plans for a visit, be sure to grab the calendar and clear out a chunk of time to check out what Fremont County and Bonneville County have to offer, and there is much more to be found in the surrounding areas as well! For instance, the flowing fields of volcanic matter lead to the open plains of the Idaho Falls region with rivers, waterfalls, rolling hills, dunes, meadows, marshes, hot springs, and soaring mountain ranges with deep canyons and caves waiting for visitors.


The primary tourist attractions within the valley consist of outdoor activity opportunities due to the wonderment of the local natural settings and the four-season climate to accommodate the necessary weather pattern changes ideal for comfortable summers and beautiful winter scapes stretching as far as the skyline of the sunset.

Visitors travel within Fremont County for the area's amenities and activity opportunities, including boating, four-season fishing, hiking, camping, mountaineering, biking, cycling, pet walking, canoeing, caving, exploring, kayaking, rafting, skidooing, and water skiing. As new pursuits emerge, often subsets of the original activities, such as coasteering, canyoning, rock climbing, big game hunting, birding, peak summiting, trail exploration, fastpacking, sleigh rides, tobogganing, snowshoeing, and skiing, with a healthy mix of work and play! Area activities include voting, skiing, fishing, snowmobiling, off-road, hiking, mountain biking, hunting, ice fishing, vacationing, cross-country skiing, historic destinations, horseback riding, snowshoeing, trapping, peak trucking, rockhounding, water sports, mountaineering, and so much more!


Area wildlife includes moose, fox, bear, dear, and elk. Additionally, creatures like the cougar call the valley home beside the mountain lion, badger, mountain goat, and various species of migrating bird life.


Henry's Lake Hatchery: Idaho Fish and Game, local resorts, and cabin rentals also call this area home and will likely neighbor growing developments within the valley in the following years. Portions of Black Mountain boast Bald Peak facing Sawtell Peak to the north, home to the Ashton FAA Radar Site, with Mount Two situated at the southern portion of the corridor and Henrys Lake sandwiched ideally amid the ranges adorned with beautiful trees. Mount Jefferson sits at the western edge of the border and is home to Rock Creek Basin and Rock Creek. Timber Creek, West Targhee Creek, Targhee Creek, and Tygee Creek are a few bodies of water within the vicinity, with trails ideal for area exploration, including Targhee Creek Trailhead and Sawtell Peak Trail waiting for visitors and tourists alike.

Warm River wraps and winds its way through the valley and alongside Mesa Falls Scenic Byway, nearing Pole Bridge Campground, Henry's Fork Caldera, Sawtelle Campground, and Henry's Fork - Mesa Falls & M.F. Visitors Center. Lower Mesa Falls offers an Observations site with trails and sits adjacent to the Grandview Campground. Further along the Mesa Falls Scenic Byway, visitors may enjoy off-road vehicle trails, various campgrounds, lodging options, and, eventually, Ashton Reservoir.

Edwards Lake, Clark Lake, Lemon Lake, Golden Lake, and a host of other area lakeside destinations offer a variety of access sites, docks, launch pads, picnic tables, fire rings, BBQs, and various other amenities ideal for a day out fishing, enjoying scenic vistas, birding, and taking time to create new memories. The waters are generally calmer if the winds do not pick up too much, creating the ideal setting for sailing or rowing. Additional day & overnight trip activity ideas may include rving (glamping), camping, star gazing, photography (night), canoeing, caving, backpacking, hunting, and canyoning. Be sure to pack in and pack out and bring all the extras (arrive prepared)!

Travelers traveling in the direction of Island Park, Idaho, may be interested in Checking out multiple locations during their stay or visit. Additional travel locations ideal for day visits include the Volcanic Caldera Historical Marker along the U.S. Hwy 20 (brief review of the volcanic and geyser activity within the area and stretching to the Yellowstone vicinity) as the famous Harriman State Park. Harriman State Park offers a large selection of outdoor activity opportunities, including biking, trail exploration, birding (most often) trumpeter swans), boating, fly fishing, and in the colder months, snowshoeing, yurting, and cross-country skiing, to name a few. Popular come the spring months are wildflower identification, horseback riding, educational and historical tours, photography, and day hikes with consideration of any seasonal restrictions. Generally, the park is an excellent destination for outdoor gatherings and functions, with paths alongside the River, to the lakes, the gift shop, and historic cabins. Typically if the trails are muddy, it is not ideal For trucking upon due to the damage and erosion that it causes, so Reviews make mention of the incredible views from the trails with minimal increases in elevation and little to no technical portions, area parks and locations for snack breaks and short rests.

During the colder months, visitors often take to the mountains to enjoy a day of snowmobiling, snowboarding, cross-country skiing, sleigh rides, tobogganing, snow character building, ice skating, and nordic skiing. Bring all the gear, tools, off-grid GPS locator device/beacon, how-to guide, and all the extras when choosing to take to the backcountry, especially during the cold season. If all the ideas are exhausting, a day next to the fire with a warm beverage and a blanket maybe a trip to consider for the perfect weekend adventure of pure relaxation!

Heading west from the west entrance of Yellowstone into Southeastern Idaho


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