Jack’s Urban Meeting Place: Coming Soon!

Boise Idaho is the central urban metropolis of the Gem State and is a rapidly growing city. The 2010 federal census records Boise’s growth rate at 21.1 percent, almost double the growth of other parts of the state (http://www.lmi.idaho.gov). This rapid growth is due to many factors, including the proximity of Boise State University, the job opportunities abounding in the city, and Boise’s high quality standard of living. In anticipation of, and response to, this monumental growth, Boise’s city planners have worked diligently to ensure that Boiseans retain their high standard of living. One such improvement to Boise’s cityscape is Jack’s Urban Meeting Place, abbreviated JUMP.

What is It?

The JUMP building is a center intended to unite the Idaho community. The project was proposed by the J.R. Simplot family. If you’ve ever lived in Boise, you know the Simplot’s for their potatoes, their onions, and their generosity to the Boise community. Many arts facilities, such as the Esther Simplot Performing Arts Academy, owe their existence to generous donations from the Simplot family. Their interest in creating the JUMP center is yet another effort to show Boise’s best colors. In this beautiful facility there will be an arts and education center, a park, an outdoor amphitheater, and other meeting rooms for the general public to enjoy. This 70 million dollar project has been revised several times and finally, unanimously, passed the scrutinous eye of Boise City’s Planning and Zoning Commission in October of 2012. Groundbreaking has already taken place in downtown Boise and construction is scheduled to finish in the summer of 2014.


Energy efficiency is one of the main goals of the architects and engineers who designed the project. The Hoffman Construction spokesman stated that the building will be LED certified, meaning that the lighting will be primarily energy efficient LED lighting. In an attempt to conserve resources, the company has also used panels from the building that previously inhabited the site for another project in Caldwell. Demolition is scheduled to be finished by spring of 2013, when construction on an underground parking garage is scheduled to commence.

It’s no wonder that Boise is such a popular destination for people across the nation. With excellent arts entertainment and education, innovative engineering, and plans for a bright future, Boise is taking its place on the map as Idaho’s urban center. In your search for Idaho real estate check out homes listed in Boise, where you’ll have access to vast resources and, in the near future, Jack’s Urban Meeting Place.

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