Just Two of the Reasons Boise is Great: Traffic and Weather

The city of Boise is always listed on those national "bests" lists for "Best Place to Start a Business" or "Best Place to Live", but it's easy to forget that it's the small things that make living in Boise truly fantastic. At the Hughes Group, we see the boundless opportunities a home in the city of Boise affords, but until you've lived here, it's impossible to describe them fairly. Beyond the pure real estate reasons for buying a home in Boise, there are other strong draws: traffic and weather.


CNN Money found that the median Boise commute was 16 minutes! For a major Western city, a scenic 16 minute commute is quite impressive and desirable. The Boise Metropolitan area is spread out geographically, but it still moves very efficiently. Don't just think about the hours you save daily in your commute--with little traffic, you have options, like you can live a little farther away from the commotion and still be downtown for a play in a few minutes. Being able to find a parking space downtown in a major city is another of the miracles of the city of Boise.

Boise features alternative forms of transportation with a little-known, but widespread busing system and a bike-friendly street set-up. It's a lot of fun to bike the greenbelt to work and arrive with a clear mind, having taken in the beautiful Boise River. Ultimately, you can't quantify how much a low-traffic city means to you, but after having spent a week or two stopped on the freeway in another major city, it means a lot more.


Boise has a climate that is appealing to most everyone, especially because of its four mild seasons. 
With splendid oranges and reds coloring the city of Boise--the city of trees--weather cools pleasantly. Average temperatures, according to weather.com, are 79, 65, and 48 for September, October, and November respectively. During fall, Boiseans can't stand not to be outside, enjoying watching football on the blue turf or mountain biking.

Boise's residents don't have to be very tough in Boise's short winter; Boise is one of the warmest places in the whole state. Weather.com shows normal high's for December and January at nearly 40 degrees, with lows in the mid 20's. February is a pseudo month--half winter, half spring, with little snowfall and highs in the mid-to-high 40's. Snowfall, according to visitidaho.com, is about 20 inches per year, but Boiseans know snow probably won't stick around past noon.
The Boise spring comes quickly, with March being in the mid 50's and May averaging the 70's. With little rain, spring has great weather for when the city the Boise hosts "The West's Toughest Half-Marathon," the Robie Creek race. Boise also has a long growing season.
Boise's summer gets hot, with multiple days over a 100 degrees, and July and August averaging temperatures over 90 degrees, though there's always a pool nearby to cool off and summer evenings are a dream, cooling off to the perfect temperature.

Boise homes give you very good living. Search all area real estate in one of the nicest places on earth, free of traffic with many days of beautiful weather.

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