Lava Hot Springs: In and Out of the Water

The first thing you’ll notice when driving into Lava Hot Springs is the enormous, Olympic-size swimming pool. People are swimming and splashing. You can already tell they’re having a great time. Just then, you notice the diving platform. It towers high into the air, and you watch someone dive off, splashing into the water below. You can’t wait to get down there and enjoy the pool yourself. But that’s not all Lava Hot Springs has to offer. Not by a long shot. Later this evening, you plan on taking advantage of the hot pools this small, South Eastern Idaho town is famous for. But first, you have to decide what you’re going to do during your visit.

Lodging isn't a problem. Feel like pitching the tent or parking the camper? They have plenty of campgrounds available so you can sleep under the stars. Feel like a little more comfort, but still want the rustic feel? There are also plenty of cabin rentals to choose from. If you want something a little more luxurious, they have you covered there as well. From inns, lodges, cabins, campgrounds, condos, and house rentals, you can stay wherever, and however, you want. Plus, some of the lodging includes discounted admission to the hot pools. Just don’t forget to make a reservation if you need one!

Speaking of the hot pools, no visit to Lava Hot Springs is complete with taking a well-deserved soak in these all-natural water hot pools. They have larger pools, and some smaller ones. The hot pools are open year round, and if you’re worried about being cold in the snow, don’t be! The walkways and dressing rooms are all heated. The snow won’t stick to the warm walkways, and you’ll stay nice and warm going back and forth. Plus, the smaller pool has awnings to keep the weather away. Inside the hot pools, you won’t even notice the cold weather anyway. The pools range in temperature from 102 degrees to 112 degrees Fahrenheit. Your experience will be pure as well. The water in the hot pools is completely natural and untreated. It bubbles from underground springs untouched, and over 2 million gallons of water flow through them everyday. The hot pools empty into the Portneuf River, so the water is always clean and fresh.

But as I mentioned before, the hot pools aren't the only thing for you to do in Lava Hot Springs. Remember that Olympic swimming pool you drove by coming into town? It’s a part of a complex that contains that pool, the up to 10 meter diving platform, two water slides, an indoor swimming pool, a water climbing wall, a kiddie pool, and indoor hot pools. If you love swimming, you've come to the right place. You can also rent tubes and float the river. It’s a fun and exciting experience. If it has to do with water, odds are Lava Hot Springs has it.

Maybe you aren't as interested in swimming or taking a delightful soak in the hot pools. That’s fine, because Lava Hot Springs has a lot more to offer. You wouldn't know it, but there’s a hidden treasure here. It’s full of adventure and excitement, and it’s one of a kind in this part of Idaho. The Lava Zip-line Adventure. This is something you need to reserve ahead of time, though. The adventure starts on Main Street, where you are taken outside of Lava Hot Springs to a private canyon. Including the trip, plan for about 3 hours for this awesome experience. The cost of admission covers multiple rides on zip-lines that stretch across the canyon. They range from 800 feet to 1500 feet, and it’s truly an incredible experience. You won’t soon forget the feeling of zipping through the air, down a steel cable. Don’t be worried, though. There are trained professionals helping and guiding you, and they provide all of the necessary safety equipment.

That’s just a taste of what’s waiting for you in Lava Hot Springs. For more, check out their website and take a look at more opportunities like theater and live entertainment. Idaho is full of wonderful experiences, and oftentimes, there’s adventure right in your own backyard. But don’t take my word for it. Go experience all that Idaho has to offer for yourself.

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